Sara’s Blog: You’ve Done An Okay Job

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Pat O’Neill is his sense of humor. It’s incredibly dry, and he can find the humor in any situation. One of my favorite examples of his humor is when I left Magic 98 for a job in another city back in 1988. Pat was kind enough to write a reference letter for me. Actually, he wrote two versions of this reference letter. The first version was very flattering and sincere. The second version went like this. . .
To whom it may concern,
Sara Freeman did an okay job, I guess.
Pat O’Neill
I still have these letters somewhere in my radio memorabilia storage bin, and I laugh out loud whenever I think of them. I’m going to sorely miss his wisecracks once he moves on to his next radio opportunity. 
Pat, thank you for hiring me for the overnight position on Magic 98 back in the spring of 1986. I had a couple years of radio experience under my belt by then but I was still pretty green, and I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to work for you and with you off & on since the mid ’80s. You’re one of the most highly respected individuals in the radio business (not just Madison, but nationwide), and Magic 98‘s loss is your next station’s gain. You’ve done an okay job, I guess.
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