Fletcher’s Blog: Thank You & Here Are My Dogs

I’m learning pretty quickly how welcoming Magic 98 listeners can be. For the new guy that’s special, and definitely not taken for granted!

Whether it was by phone, email, Facebook, or in person I say “thank you” to the many who have said “welcome to Magic 98” to me, including Dori, Trucker Dave, Heather G, Paul M, Jane B, Steve N, Julie P, Chris J, and Dori.

I love the back and forth interaction with you. To me, that’s what makes live, local radio the special, personal medium that it is.

Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out. 608-321-0098 is the direct line to our studio, my email is here, and I’m on Facebook and Twitter, @fletcherkeyes.

Bonus. . . here’s a photo of my dogs on a walk we took last weekend at Devil’s Lake. Pip is black and old, Augie is younger and white.