Jillene’s Blog: The Choice is Clear

Since I’m not made of it… and I haven’t won the Powerball yet… it matters to me where I spend my money. It’s important to me, no matter how large or small the purchase, that I feel like my money is going to good people. Good people, like the ones who give back to the community we live in. People that make me feel welcomed and wanted in their store. I recently got to witness a big “heck yes, I will spend my money here because these people are Awesome with a capital A.”

It all started with a chair. An old, worn-out chair that Sherry has been sleeping in for five years.

Sherry is from Dodgeville, and she probably could be retired, but because she loves her job as a CNA so much, most weeks she works 50+ hours. Her caring spirit doesn’t stop there. When she goes home, she cooks for her husband, and anyone who wants to come over. You see, all are welcome at Sherry’s house. She loves people! And she’s great with them. When I met Sherry, she had such a warm energy to her – I’m a hugger, and immediately jumped into her arms. She gives great hugs!

Five years ago, Sherry had heart surgery. Since then, she’s had to sleep in a recliner because sleeping flat in her bed pulled on her chest and kept her up all night. She suffers from back and knee pain all day long, it comes with the territory of her job, and when the weather changes (every other day in Wisconsin, right?), it takes a toll on Sherry physically.

Sherry’s son, Albert, helps when he can. Since he was a kid, it’s been the two of them, and she has always shown up for Albert. Albert himself works two jobs and spends his free time with his mom & her husband when he can. If he could, he would have gotten her into the throne – the chair/bed – that she deserves.

When La-Z-Boy in Madison heard Sherry’s story, realizing that all she needed to improve her quality of life was a new chair, they jumped at the opportunity to upgrade her recliner. I had the honor of going into the store near East Towne Mall to help them shop a few weeks ago, and was so impressed with every one of the staff members we interacted with! From the moment we walked in the door, it felt like home. Mark, the local owner of La-Z-Boy, worked with Sherry to find her the perfect recliner. Did you know some chairs can be “too big” for you? Yep. There is a ‘right’ size chair for people, just like with bicycles and shoes, and Mark was determined to help Sherry find it. She test drove a few chairs, with all the fancy features one would expect from such an incredible piece of furniture – heat, massage, even zero-gravity – and eventually found the one. During this process, Mark never rushed Sherry and made sure she was informed on what would work best for her situation. Since Sherry sleeps in her recliner, this was more than just a chair. It’s a bed, and an integral part of her life. Mark knew that, and even when Sherry was ready to walk away with the first chair she sat in because she didn’t want to burden anyone or take up too much time… Mark took the time to get her into something that will undoubtedly change her life.

Sherry’s brand-spankin’ new electric lift recliner was delivered a week later from La-Z-Boy. Even if you’ve never owned one, you know that the quality of a La-Z-Boy chair can’t be matched, so it’s safe to say that Sherry will be sleeping better for a long time. Her smile here says it all…

So, I thought you should know… the next time you shop at La-Z-Boy in Madison, you’re shopping with the good guys. You’re surrounding yourself with people that care about other people. To me, that’s who I want my hard earned money to support.

You get a choice where you spend your money, and it’s not always about the best price, the closest location, or quickest deal. It’s about a feeling you get when you shop somewhere, and that feeling doesn’t come from price-tags or sales… it comes from the way you’re treated. I can tell you from experience, that like Sherry, you will be treated like royalty when you shop at La-Z-Boy in Madison!

(Above: Sherry is seated next to her son Albert, and his girlfriend, Jill, after they found Sherry’s new La-Z-Boy recliner.)

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