Fletch’s Blog: Seven Days, Re-named

If you’re having a “Tuesday,” I might know why. A friend mentioned today (it’s a Tuesday as I’m writing this) that “it still feels like a Monday today. Maybe Tuesday should just be re-named as ‘Monday, Part 2.'” My thought was “well, yeah, why not re-name Tuesday” since it doesn’t really have any distinguishing characteristics and often does feel  like a never-ending Monday anyway. As I thought a little more about that, re-naming a day so the name more accurately reflects the true identity of the day, I went ahead and considered what every other day of the week could possibly be re-named to achieve the same purpose.

So, here you go… seven days, re-named.

Monday: re-named as… “Monday.” Because, like it or not, Monday will always be Monday.

Tuesday: re-named as… “Monday, Part 2

Wednesday: re-named as… “The Middle Child,” for obvious reasons.

Thursday: re-named as… “Pre-Friday

Friday: re-named as… “Business in the front, party in the backDay”

Saturday: re-named as… “Git ‘er DoneDay”

Sunday: re-named as… “Football (or, outside of football season, NapDay, or Mount LaundryDay)”