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Which of these sitcoms never won the "Outstanding Comedy" Emmy award?  "Dick Van Dyke Show,"  "Andy Griffith Show" or "The Monkees"
Andy Griffith Show 

The 1970s song (BLANK) by Brewer & Shipley was banned by some radio stations.
"One toke over the line" 

Which English artist had seven consecutive #1 albums in the 1970s?
Elton John

"You like it, it likes you" and  "The difference is clear" are former slogans for (BLANK).

(BLANK) was the first female musician to appear on "Saturday Night Live" in 1975, performing a song about teenage angst.
Janis Ian, who sang "At Seventeen." 

Name one of Ireland's all-time top selling music acts.
1) U2  2) Enya  3) Van Morrison

In 1995 (BLANK) released a famous two word press release, which read "I'm back."
Michael Jordan

70s band "The Ides of March" had one hit called (BLANK).

The Bee Gees were saluted at the 2015 Grammy awards, attended by (BLANK) Gibb, the last surviving brother.

Barbie's boyfriend is (BLANK)

(BLANK) is the TV advertiser with a commercial featuring a group of actors singing the 70s song "Ooh child."
American Family Insurance

The 1970s ABC show (BLANK) had a popular theme, the first ever #1 instrumental TV theme on the Billboard chart.

Name an entertainer that has been named People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" more than once.
Rich Gere, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Johnny Depp are all two-time winners. 

Complete this 1970s advertising slogan:  (BLANK) is your savings store, where your dollar buys you more!
K Mart

Legendary bandleader (BLANK) was the first African-American to appear by himself on a U.S. coin
Duke Ellington, on the 2009 quarter

Which "Airplane!" line did Bo Ryan quote when the Badger team plane had mechanical problems?
"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue"

Matthew Perry is the latest "Oscar Madison" on TV's "The Odd Couple."  Who had the role in the 60s movie?
Walter Matthau 

What Amtrack train leaves Chicago on a southern trip of 19 hours and 27 minutes, with a coach seat costing $127.00?
"The City of New Orleans," immortalized in Arlo Guthrie's 70s hit 

Name a #1 song from Hall & Oates
Rich Girl, Kiss on My List, Private Eyes, I Can't Go for That, Maneater, Out of Touch 

What do the songs "Pleasant Valley Sunday," "Natural Woman" and "You've Got a Friend" have in common?
All were written by Carole King 

What Broadway song did the Beatles sing on their first Ed Sullivan appearance?
"Till there was you" from "The Music Man" 

When NBC debuted "The Midnight Special" in 1973 the first host was (BLANK)
Helen Reddy

Buddy Holly died in a plane crash in 1959.  In his song "American Pie" Don McLean called it (BLANK)
"The day the music died."

In "Groundhog Day," Bill Murray portrays TV weatherman (BLANK) Connors.

Prior to the New England Patriots, which NFL team was the last to repeat as Superbowl champions?
The Denver Broncos in 1998 and 1999.

What George Harrison song was ruled by a court to be too close in melody to the 60s song "He's So Fine?"
"My Sweet Lord"

(BLANK) was the first artist to release his "MTV Unplugged" performance as an album.
Paul McCartney, in 1991.

"TV Guide" ranked television's top 5 Dads.  Name one.
1 Bill Cosby 2 Lorne Green (Bonanza) 3 Ralph Waite (The Waltons) 4 Michael Landon (Little House on the Prairie) 5 Danny Thomas (Make Room for Daddy) 

"Monopoly" is America's most popular board game. (BLANK) is second.

"Gunsmoke" was TV's longest-running western.  What show ranked second?

Before the "Happy Days Theme" was created, what popular song opened that TV show?
"Rock Around the Clock" 

Introduced in 1957, this toy has sold over 100 million since.
Wham-O's "Frissbee" 

(BLANK) was born David Jones, but to avoid confusion with the Monkees this English singer changed his last name.
David Bowie 

Elvis Presley had at least one Top 40 song every year for 22 consecutive years.  The only artist to surpass that record is ...
... Elton John. 

Aside from Taylor Swift, what other woman named Taylor has had a #1 song? 
Taylor Dayne, with Love Will Lead You Back.

What cartoon character often said "Up and at 'em!"
Atom Ant 

What Paul McCartney song earns him $400,000.00 every year?
Wonderful Christmastime 

In "Home Alone" the bandits are named (BLANK) and (BLANK)
Harry and Marv

Although the song is called "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," the first reindeer mentioned in the lyrics is (BLANK)

Irving Berlin asked radio stations in 1957 to avoid playing his song "White Christmas" as performed by (BLANK)
Elvis Presley 

Movie star (BLANK) refused to sing the original lyrics of "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" in the movie "Meet me in St. Louis."
Judy Garland, who felt "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, it may be your last" was depressing. 

CBS worried that a 1965 cartoon character reciting a bible passage on TV might offend people.  What character?
Linus, in "A Charlie Brown Christmas," with his reading from the Gospel of Luke.  

(Blank) is the longest-running Christmas special in TV history.
"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," which debuted in 1964. 

After the Beatles broke up all of them had #1 solo hits.  Which Beatle took the longest to do so?
John Lennon, with 1974's Whatever Gets You Through the Night

Name an actress that has portrayed "Peter Pan" on Broadway.
Mary Martin, Sandy Duncan and Cathy Rigby.

In the "Tom and Jerry" cartoons, Jerry is a (BLANK)

In 1980 CBS refused to air a commercial featuring Brook Shields endorsing (BLANK)
Calvin Klein jeans 

Which female recording artist has appeared on the cover of "Rolling Stone" magazine most often?

Johnny Carson caused a brief panic in 1973 when he announced America was having a shortage of (BLANK)
toilet paper

In 1937 New Jersey's W2XMN became America's first (BLANK) radio station.

What are the last names of the three Green Bay Packer coaches named "Mike?"
Holmgren, Sherman and McCarthey. 

How did Bill Cosby make TV history with the 60s series "I Spy?"
He was the first African American in a TV drama lead role.

What sitcom replaced "The Cosby Show" as #1?

(BLANK) always says hello, and he's really glad to meet 'ya"
Casper the Friendly Ghost.

On "Seinfeld," Jerry's parents were named ...
... Morty and Helen.

Paul McCartney gave a 1969 press conference to announce he was not (BLANK)

Actress (BLANK) was the only "angel" to remain with the cast of "Charlie's Angels" for the entire series.
Jaclyn Smith. 

Who talked about a "clandestine, reckless and provocative threat to world peace?"
John F. Kennedy in his 1962 "Cuban missile crisis" speech.  

The Jackson Five set a record in the 70s when their first four songs reached #1.  What female artist of the 90s surpassed that?
Mariah Carey.  Her first five reached #1. 

The final hit for (BLANK) was written about his negative concert experience at Madison Square Garden.
Rick Nelson, with "Garden party." 

There have been three TV shows that signed off while still #1.  Name one.
"I love Lucy," "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Seinfeld." 

Pop Tarts were introduced in four flavors in 1964.  Name one.
Strawberry, blueberry, apple and brown sugar cinnamon. 

President (BLANK) proclaimed that the last Thursday in November would be Thanksgiving.
Lincoln, in 1863

TV Guide says (BLANK) is the greatest animated cartoon in TV history.
"The Simpsons" 

Complete this phrase:  "We serve fun at Shakey's ...
... also pizza."

Both "The Munsters" and "The Addams Family" debuted on TV in 1964.  What were the names of the young boys?
Eddie Munster and Pugsley Addams

(BLANK) recorded a song in 1970 and died a a few days later.  The song reached #1.
Janis Joplin, with "Me and Bobby McGee" 

What is the opening line of the "Friends" TV theme?
"So no one told you life was gonna be this way"

When "Monday Night Football" debuted in 1970 the broadcasters were Howard Cosell,  Don Meredith and (BLANK)
Keith Jackson 

Who sangs the word "Do you remember the 21st night of September?"
Earth, Wind & Fire 

In 1955 actor (BLANK) was killed in a speeding car, days after filming a public service announcement urging people to observe the speed limit.
James Dean 

In "The Pink Panther Strikes Again," Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) falls down a flight of stairs, gets up and proclaims ...
"That felt good!" 

After witnessing an 1814 military battle, a poet composed "Defense of Fort McHenry," these days better known as...
..."The Star Spangled Banner," written by Francis Scott Key. 

Five times in U.S. history there have been Presidents with the same last name.  Identify one of those names.
Adams, Harrison, Johnson, Roosevelt and Bush

William Shatner gets top billing in the "Star Trek" TV credits. Leonard Nimoy is second. Who is third?
DeForest Kelly, as "Bones" McCoy 

The full moon closest to the beginning of Autumn is known as (BLANK)
The Harvest Moon 

Which "Mary Poppins" song won the Academy Award for Best Song?
"Chim Chim Cher-ee"

Before his solo career, Eddie Kendricks was in the Motown group (BLANK)
The Temptations 

"Modern Family" has won the "Best Sitcom" Emmy five consecutive years.  What other sitcom of the past ten years won the award three consecutive times?
"30 Rock" 

(BLANK) portrayed James Bond in seven movies.
Roger Moore. 

(BLANK) won the "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series" Emmy four consecutive times.
Helen Hunt for "Mad About You"

What 70s pop group had three #1 hits using three variations of their name?
"Dawn" with "Knock three times," "Dawn featuring Tony Orlando" with "Tie a yellow ribbon," and "Tony Orlando & Dawn" with "He don't love you." 

What song from "The Music Man" was also performed by the Beatles?
"Till There Was You" in 1964. 

(BLANK) portrayed "Davy Crockett" in the 1950s TV show.
Fess Parker 

Lauren Bacall was one of 14 Hollywood stars mentioned in what popular 1990s song?
"Vogue" from Madonna 

What 1980s song mentions "Bogie and Bacall?"
"Key Largo" by Bertie Higgins

Which of these performers did not appear at Woodstock?  Joni Mitchell, Sha Na Na or Santana.
Joni Mitchell 

(BLANK) said "Our long national nightmare is over"
President Gerald R. Ford 

"Pink Cadillac" was a 1988 top 10 hit for (BLANK)
Natalie Cole 

In "Jaws," what was the name of the boat?
The Orca 

"Our state fair is a great state fair ... don't miss it, don't even be late."  What is the next line?
"It's dollars to doughnuts that our state fair is the best state fair in our state." 

Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney have all won the Library of Congress "Gershwin Prize."  Who is the only female winner so far?
Carole King 

Allan Sherman sings "Hello Mudduh, hello Fadduh, here I am at Camp Granada."  What is the next line?
"Camp is very entertaining, and they say we'll have some fun if it stops raining."

What group had top ten hits in the 60s, 70s and 80s using a different name in each decade?
Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, Starship 

TV theme composer Mike Post had top 10 hits with two of his themes, "The Rockford Files" in the 70s and (BLANK) in the 80s.
"Hill Street Blues" 

The Labrador Retriever is America's most popular dog breed for 2013.  Name another in the top 5.
2) German Shepherd, 3) Golden Retriever, 4) Beagle, 5) Bulldog 

In the "Archie" comic strip Archie's teacher was Miss (BLANK)

Name a #1 song from Huey Lewis & The News:
"The Power of Love," "Stuck with You" and "Jacob's Ladder"

The first sitcom to win five consecutive "Outstanding Comedy" Emmy awards was:

The first female U.S. Supreme Court Justice was (BLANK)
Sandra Day O'Connor

The Beatles are America's all-time top selling music group.  Eagles are third.  Which band is second?
Led Zeppelin

The American Film Institute rates (BLANK) in the five best movie soundtracks of all time.
5) The Godfather  4) Psycho  3) Lawrence of Arabia  2) Gone with the Wind  1) Star Wars 

Name a Milwaukee Bucks coach named "Larry" (there have been three).
Costello, Krystkowiak and Drew 

(BLANK) is the first female recording artist to have an album debut at #1.
Whitney Houston, with 1987's "Whitney" 

What 1970s song includes these lyrics? "I've been walking Central Park ... singing after dark ... people think I'm crazy."
"Miss You" by the Rolling Stones

In 2007 four postage stamps were issued to honor great Canadian singers like (BLANK)
Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Anne Murray and Paul Anka 

Name one of the five best albums of the 1980s, according to "Rolling Stone."
5) Paul Simon | Graceland, 4) Talking Heads | Remain in Light, 3) U2 | The Joshua Tree, 2) Prince | Purple Rain, 1) The Clash | London Calling

Actor (BLANK) portrayed Fred in the 1992 movie "The Flintstones"
John Goodman 

Jim Nabors played "Gomer Pyle" on TV, where he answered to Sgt. (BLANK)

The Four Seasons had five #1 number one songs.  Name one.
"Sherry," "Big girls don't cry," "Walk like a man," "Rag doll" and "December 1963" 

The first one opened in 1934 in Texas.  Madison still has more than 25 of them.  What are they?

What is the opening line to the theme from TV's "Family Ties?"
"I bet we've been together for a million years."

At the end of her song "Lovin' you," Minnie Ripperton sings the name of her daughter, who is now famous entertainer (BLANK)
Maya Rudolph 

On "The Brady Bunch," Alice's boyfriend was the butcher named (BLANK)

What musical "supergroup" was formed by former members of the Hollies, Byrds and Buffalo Springfield?
Crosby, Stills & Nash 

The longest suspension bridge in the U.S. is in the state of (BLANK)
New York.  The Verrazano-Narrows bridge connects Brooklyn and Staten Island. 

"Venus" was a #1 hit in the 70s for "Shocking Blue" and again in the 80s for the all-girl group (BLANK)

(BLANK) holds the Billboard chart record for most Top 10 hits, with 38 since 1984.

"Take on me" has been the only #1 U.S. hit for a pop music group from Norway.  Which group recorded it?

(BLANK) was the first female artist to have a video played on MTV.
Pat Benatar 

(BLANK) left office with a record-high 67% disapproval rate, but now is ranked as one of the 10 best U.S. Presidents
Harry S. Truman 

Name the one Texas city mentioned in the song "Route 66"

In the "Road Runner" cartoons, the opening theme sings "Road Runner ... the coyote's after you."  What's the next line?
"Road Runner ... if he catches you you're through." 

Coca-Cola is America's top selling soft drink.  What else makes the top 5?
2 Diet Coke, 3 Pepsi, 4 Mountain Dew, 5 Dr. Pepper

Earth, Wind & Fire's only #1 hit was also their first hit.  What was it?
"Shining Star" 

An 1964 FBI investigation concluded that the lyrics to (BLANK) were not obscene.
Louie, Louie

Idina Menzel's "Let it go" is the first top 10 hit from a Disney movie ("Frozen") since (BLANK) sang "Colors of the wind" from "Pocahontas" in the 90s.
Vanessa Williams

In 1986 an Ohio Church claimed the theme to television's (BLANK) contained satanic messages when played backwards.
Mr. Ed

In the movie "Apollo 13," actor (BLANK) said "Failure is not an option."
Ed Harris 

"The Royal Scam," "Katy Lied" and "Countdown to Ecstacy" are names of ...
Steely Dan albums.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s final speech in April 1968 is known as the (BLANK) speech.

TV Guide says (BLANK) is the greatest TV game show ever.

(BLANK) first appeared on "American Bandstand" in 1975, and within a few years he was singing the opening theme to the show each week.
Barry Manilow 

Elton John had seven consecutive #1 albums in the 1970s.  Name one.
Honky Chateau, Don't shoot me I'm only the piano player, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Caribou, Greatest Hits, Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy and Rock of the Westies 

She's had #1 songs solo, as a duet and in a group, so Billboard Magazine named (BLANK) "Female Entertainer of the Year."
Diana Ross of the Supremes. Her duet was with Lionel Richie. 

(BLANK) is one of Canada's all time top five best selling recording artists.
5 Alanis Morrisette, 4 Shania Twain, 3 Bryan Adams, 2 Neil Young, 1 Celine Dione 

Ireland's all-time best selling musical group is (BLANK)

What 80s group sang "Walk the Dinosaur?"
Was (Not Was) 

In "The Odd Couple," Tony Randall portrayed "Felix" on television, Jack Lemmon had the movie role, and (BLANK) debuted the character on Broadway.
Art Carney 

In 1980's "Airplane," Kareem Abdul-Jabbar portrayed the co-pilot and (BLANK) was the pilot.
Peter Graves, as "Clarence Oveur" 

Name a #1 song by Diana Ross & the Supremes with the word "love" in the title.
There were six.
"Where did our love go," "Baby love," "Stop in the name of love," "You can't hurry love," "Love is here and now you're gone" and "Love child." 

Shirley Temple's trademark song was (BLANK)
"On the good ship Lollipop"

(Blank) was Major League Baseball's first player to have a $100,000 contract.
Joe DiMaggio, in 1949 

Name a song the Beatles performed on their first Ed Sullivan appearance.
"All my loving," "Till there was you," "She loves you," "I saw her standing there and "I want to hold your hand" 

Name a regular "Tonight Show" host with a first name not beginning with "J."
There have been only two: Steve Allen and Conan O'Brien 

The American Film Institute says (BLANK) is the greatest animated film of all time.
Walt Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 

In the 1970s female recording artist (BLANK) hosted television's "The Midnight Special"
Helen Reddy

Peyton Manning has started three Super Bowls.  Name a quarterback that has started more.
Jim Kelly, Roger Staubach, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, John Elway and Tom Brady

What hit song was the original opening theme to television's "Happy Days?"
"Rock around the clock"

What street is known as "The Great White Way"
Broadway in New York City

Actress (BLANK) portrayed "The Black Widow" on television's "Batman"
Tallulah Bankhead

What was the Beatles final #1 song?
"The long and winding road"

29 million Americans watched the January 1953 Eisenhower inauguration on TV, but 44 million watched what sitcom the night before?
"I Love Lucy"

Which "Peanuts" character calls Charlie Brown "Chuck?"
"Peppermint Patty"

Alaska has more square miles than the next three largest U.S. states.  What are those states?
Texas, California and Montana 


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