6:50 Trivia

Pat & Bob present 6:50 Trivia each weekday morning. The first caller at 321-0098 with the correct answer wins. You can win once every 30 days and must be 18 or older.

Here are some previous questions and answers:

  • ____________________ holds the record for the most time between #1 songs, from 1974's "Dark Lady" to 1999's "Believe." Cher
  • Introduced in 1965, these days more than 150 million cans of ____________________ are sold every year. Spaghetti-Os
  • What Motown artist had a #1 song in the 1970s at the age of 14? Michael Jackson, with "Ben"
  • Rolling Stone readers voted ____________________ the "best-ever MTV VJ." Martha Quinn
  • ____________________ is the solo artist with the all-time top-selling "Greatest Hits." Billy Joel
  • On five occasions, two U.S. presidents have shared a last name. Identify one. Adams, Harrison, Johnson, Roosevelt, and Bush
  • Only two movie soundtracks have sold more than Prince's Purple Rain (13 million copies). Name one. The Bodyguard (17 million) and Saturday Night Fever (14 million)
  • It took the ABC television network over 20 years to have their first #1 show, a medical drama from the 1970s called ____________________. Marcus Welby, M.D.
  • ____________________ was the American car introduced at the 1964 World's Far. The Ford Mustang
  • What Beatles song made the Illinois Crime Commission's list of "drug-oriented songs"? "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"
  • "____________________ is your kind of place" was a 1960s slogan for . . . McDonalds
  • What's the first line of "California Girls" by the Beach Boys? "Well east coast girls are hip, I really dig those styles they wear."
  • ____________________ was the first African-American artist to have a video featured on MTV. Michael Jackson, with "Beat It" in 1983.
  • What 1970s song was a hit for both Stevie Wonder and Peter Frampton? "Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours"
  • What is the top-selling flavor of Wrigley's chewing gum? Doublemint, followed by Juicy Fruit and Spearmint
  • Name one of Canada's top fivec all-time selling musicians. 5: Alanis Morissette; 4: Shania Twain; 3: Bryan Adams; 2: Neil Young; 1: Celine Dion. 
  • English artist ____________________ has had #1 songs as a solo artist, in a group, and in duets with both Elton John and Aretha Franklin. George Michael from Wham!
  • Which of these songs reached #1: Elton John's "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting," Chicago's "Saturday in the Park," or "Saturday Night" by the Bay City Rollers? "Saturday Night"
  • Recording artist ____________________, upset with digital downloads, claimed that iTunes inventor Steve Jobs was "personally responsible for killing the music business." Jon Bon Jovi
  • Of Badger basketball coaches Steve, Stu, and Stan, which one never served as an NBA coach? Steve Yoder. Stu Jackson coached New York and Vancouver, and Stan Van Gundy coached Miami, Orlando, and Detroit. 
  • Musician ___________________ caused controversy with his blues-style rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" before a 1968 baseball game. Jose Feliciano
  • Cartoon character Charlie Tuna pitches what product in TV commercials? Starkist
  • What TV character had an "office" designated by electrical tape on the floor? Les Nessman of WKRP in Cincinnati
  • What organization threatened a band with a 1979 lawsuit, but later expressed pride in the band's hit song? The YMCA versus the Village People
  • On Seinfeld, Jerry exclaims ____________________ when he spots George's girlfriend wearing no top at the beach. "Boutros Boutros-Ghali"
  • Which artist has won the Album of the Year Grammy three times? Paul Simon, once with Art Garfunkel and twice with his own
  • Which team last repeated as Super Bowl champions? New England Patriots
  • In 1964, an FBI investigation concluded that the hit song ____________________ did not have pornographic lyrics. "Louie Louie"
  • Buddy Holly wrote "That'll Be the Day" after seeing actor ____________________ use the phrase in the 1956 movie The Searchers. John Wayne
  • What sitcom replaced Happy Days as America's top-rated TV show? Its spin-off, Laverne and Shirley
  • Complete this classic advertising slogan: "Come alive, you're in the ____________________ generation." Pepsi
  • What does Abe Vigoda say in the famous "football game" TV commercial? "That hurt." 
  • Name a James Bond movie with "gold" in the title. Goldfinger, Goldeneye, The Man With the Golden Gun
  • What music legend performed at inaugural parties for presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama?  Aretha Franklin
  • What car company is mentioned in the Eagles' song "Take It Easy"? Ford
  • ____________________ was the first U.S. president to appoint an African-American cabinet member. Lyndon Johnson, with the 1966 nomination of Robert Weaver to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • In 2006, Australian police discouraged groups of young people from gathering in a neighborhood by blasting the music of ____________________. Barry Manilow
  • What song does Elaine dance to in a popular episode of Seinfeld? "Shining Star" by Earth Wind and Fire
  • TV character ____________________ said, "atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed." Robin, as the Batmobile was warming up
  • The first hit from the Eagles' album Hotel California was ____________________. "New Kid in Town"
  • He appeared in Dirty Dancing and Jurassic Park, but actor Wayne Knight is best known for portraying TV character ____________________ on Seinfeld. Newman
  • In January 1912, New ____________________ became America's 47th state. Mexico

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