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A Night on the Town With Steely Dan

I think I told the story of Melvin Funlinger at this blog once before. We were lined up outside the Coliseum waiting to get into a concert, sometime back in the late 70s, when we heard this guy with a scratchy voice start yelling, "Let us in!" He was a little guy, five-foot-five maybe, dressed like a biker if I'm recalling correctly. "I'm Melvin Funlinger and you better let us in!" I don't think he was all that angry, although he might have been well lubricated--at one point he started crushing beer cans against his forehead, all the while demanding that they "let us in!"

I never go to a concert without thinking of Melvin--or of how the concert experience has changed over the years. I can't remember the last concert I saw at the Coliseum. Although we've been to some big-arena shows at the Marcus in Milwaukee in recent years, we're more likely to go to smaller, theater shows now, mostly because the people we most want to see play that kind of venue. The Riverside and adjacent Pabst Theater in Milwaukee have become favorites of ours over the last couple of years--easy to get to, easy to park near, easy to get home again. And there are plenty of nearby places for dinner and a beer (or several) before the show.

Before the Steely Dan concert at the Riverside a couple of weekends ago, we were sitting outdoors at the Rock Bottom Brewery, which is just across the river from the theater, when a guy and his dog came in. The dog was wearing a Steely Dan backstage pass. The picture at the top of this blog is from the show, snagged from the theater's Facebook page. It wasn't until I looked at it closely that I realized you can see Ann and me in it, if you know where to look.

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08/07/2013 1:26PM
A Night on the Town With Steely Dan
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