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Hearing the Beatles in Hollywood

The Beatles' Live at the Hollywood Bowl will be released next month, and my wife and I will enjoy it for different reasons.

Being an audio nerd. I'm looking forward to hearing more of the band and less of the screaming girls in the audience. The original 1977 album was poor quality, but the new version (in its first time on CD) is supposed to be outstanding.

My wife will finally get to hear the concert she could have attended. The Hollywood set list is nearly identical to what the Beatles played in Minneapolis in the summer of 1965. Lee was barely 10, but she loved the group, had their records, and most importantly, had a surefire way to get a ticket to the show: her parents were friends with the concert promoter.

Her dream came crashing down when her mom proclaimed, "You are NOT going to that concert! You'll be stomped to death!"

The 48,000-seat stadium was the only stop on the tour that didn't sell out. Tickets cost $2.50 to $5.50. After the show, the group was transported to their hotel in a laundry truck. Nobody was stomped to death.

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