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A wrinkle in time

Ah, the adventures of taking care of someone else's house!  There I was, thinking I was being such good and industrious housekeeper.  Scones baked, a nice Italian pasta casserole ready to pop in the over for dinner for when they came back from their 2000 mile drive. I had tossed my very soiled, butcher-type apron, (very flat with a very long string tie around the waist.. it wraps around you twice) in with the rest of the laundry. So far, so good. It gets tossed in the dryer with everything else, I assume.  I'm very careful to take the lint trap out and clean it. I know dryers don't work well even with even a little lint in there.  Everything is just peachy except that when I take out the things that were dry, no apron. No apron? I checked everywhere. Disappeared.  I LIKE that apron, it's perfect for me. I just had to let it go, decided that it had just gone the way socks go and tried to figure out how to get another apron like that. My friends get home. They are tired but happy, all is well, except the apron being gone. I get a call soon after.  Yes, the apron has turned up, only it has 4,678 million wrinkles in it.  When I had taken the filter out to clean it, I must have forgotten to put it back in. The apron was sucked into the dryer and wrapped itself around the drum.  Those dryers filters areas really suck!  For a fee, (yikes a mondo) the repair man explained how important it WAS to put the filter screen back. Luckily there was an automatic shut off so the motor didn't burn out!  Luckily my friend decided it was something neither of us would forget again. Meantime, I'm looking for another apron...

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03/06/2013 7:15PM
A wrinkle in time
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