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Blue Moon

There are some colors of food that are so unlike anything in nature that I just can not bring myself to even try them. Blue Moon ice cream is a huge favorite flavor for young and old alike. As the color of it reminds me of fabric softener - or that stuff you put down to get rid of mice - or toliet bowl cleaner, I simply will NOT eat it.

When I was working at Cheesers (they sell the mighty tasty Babcock Ice Cream), I took an informal poll. These are the answers I received: "Trix, Kool-Aide, cotton candy, licorice, Lucky Charms" ... and that was just from the adults! I asked two little girls. One thought a moment and said "good." The other, with two pig tails sprouting out of either side of her head, her feet dangling a foot from the floor and her eyes rolled up to look inside her mind said with much conviction, "blue." Well, now that I know that - someday I will try it.
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