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Hide & Seek

Whenever one of our listeners asks me about my turtle Joe, I realize it's been too long since I reported on him. This is just another day in the life of my little buddy. He'll sit on his little palm tree island, legs stretched out behind him, to catch a few rays. Then he follows me around the entire apartment and waits for me to sit still long enough to camp out on my foot (and stays there until I move again). After all that action, he goes to rest up under the old fashioned claw foot tub in the bathroom.

He has hiding places behind the stove, under my computer desk, light table desk and plant table … and sometimes he'll just park himself in the middle of the kitchen floor. That means he wants to be picked up. If he's hiding, I'll call him and he'll usually come out. If I call and he doesn't show up, I just go looking through my shoes!
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Step Up to the Plate!

This is one of my entries for the very first Celebrity Plate Auction for the River Food Pantry . Fellow Magic 98 worker, Pat Gallagher, is in charge of the Harvest Dinner, a fundraiser that helps feed over 600 families each week.

The dinner and plate auction is
October 8 at The River Food Pantry, 2201 Darwin Road, in Madison. He is still gathering these "step up to the plate" projects. This one has a mini clay pot, made by Jennifer D.Wolfe, that I have put artificial branches in, but they can be easily taken out to put in your own real ones if you'd like. You can talk to Pat yourself if you would like to know more by calling the pantry at 334-8237. In the meantime, I am working on another plate!
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