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Ankle Update

Last Friday was my second post-op appointment to see how my ankle is doing.  The stitches came out.  I have incisions on both sides of my leg.  X-rays were taken and my surgeon says it all looks very good even though my leg looks like Frankenstein.  The bad news that I wasn’t expecting is that I am to completely stay off my leg for three more weeks, keep it elevated like I have been and start wearing a boot that looks like a giant elephant foot whenever I go out (just to protect my foot)  The nurse said it only weighs three pounds but YOU try lugging that thing around on a leg with muscle atrophy after a month of not using it.  That boot feels like it weighs 30 pounds.  Anyway, I’m supposed to kind of bend my ankle back and forth to work the muscles and soft tissue before I start PT the middle of April.  That’s when I can start trying to walk on toes with the boot on.  Several weeks of PT and I “should” be walking without any assistance devices by June.  WHAT???  JUNE???  Ugh.  I don’t know what I expected to hear.  In fact, the doctor said my foot will be swollen for months and it won’t even really feel right until September.  OK…fine.  I had a 48 hour pity party over the weekend and then set my sights for June.  I will do everything the doctor tells me to do so I can get back to living my life, walking Truman eight miles a day, driving, going up and down stairs, shopping for groceries, doing my own laundry, cooking food other than canned soup in the microwave and starting that garden I wanted to plant this year.  OK, maybe I won’t get to my garden but at least I want to mow the lawn…and that’s something I NEVER thought I would say.      

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03/25/2013 5:50PM
Ankle Update
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