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Ankle Update

It's been eight weeks since I had surgery on my broken ankle.  Sometimes it feels like it's been eight months and I've been living the movie "Groundhog Day"...waking up to the same odd routine of washing my hair in the bathtub because I can't stand up in the shower, hopping on one foot around my kitchen because I can't carry food with crutches, having to rely on friends to take me to and from places.  But this week I took a turn.  I actually walked Truman down to the corner and back with crutches.  It was so refreshing to do something that felt familiar and normal.  I thought, if I can take Truman on a short walk let's see if I can drive my car.  Last night I took it out for a spin to see if my ankle could take the movement of pushing on the peddles.  No problem!  So, I drove myself to work this morning.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  My next adventure will be going to the grocery store on my own.  I probably could manage it now, except I still need help bringing the bags into the house.  One of these days I'll get there but all in all I'll take being able to drive and walk Truman with my crutches.  It's been a good week so far.   

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04/23/2013 11:29AM
Ankle Update
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