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April 2012

Friday 4/20/12

Marc and I certainly aren't winning the 'Parents of the Year' award any time soon.  Everett had his four-month shots last Friday.  His last round of shots he was just a sleepy baby for two days, so I just assumed that's how he'd be again this time...wrong.  He got a fever and was super he got a stuffy nose from my cold.  So we were giving him his Tylenol every four hours as directed but man did we have a long night.  His baptism was Sunday and his uncle Bradley was in town from Boston so we were hoping for the best but planning for the worst.  Saturday I went to the grocery store, got back just in time to give Everett his next dose.  Maybe it was the clarity that the fresh air brought to me...but I thought I'd double check the amount of Tylenol we've been giving him.  Turns out we were giving him .35mL rather than wonder he was still sassy and his fever hadn't broken.  We felt awful.  So...upon his first normal dosage...he was back to being his sweet, smiley self.  This parenting thing should really come with a manual.

Thursday 4/12/12

So I've picked up quite the cold.  And as of about a month ago, our house is up for sale.  These two things are related in this way.  Last night we had a showing scheduled from 6:30-7:30pm.  Well it takes about five minutes to walk through our 900 square foot house so I camped out at my sister's house with Everett until 6:45 and then headed home.  Everett goes down between 7 and 8pm so I was relieved when I got to the house and no cars were there.  I threw all my bags on the dining room table, plopped on the couch to nurse Everett and shoved Kleenex up my nose to stop it from running down my face as it had all day.  Just then...a knock at the door.  I thought it was my husband, Marc with his arms full of take-out so he knocked to get some help with the door.  Nope, it was the realtor and her clients standing on the other side of our front door which has a huge window on it looking right at me with a wad of Kleenex hanging out of my nose and half naked feeding my son.  OH MY LORD!!  I about died. She explained they were running late but hoped to still see the house and that I could stay while they took a look.  I told them I'd wait outside and go on a little walk with Everett.  Well I couldn't get out of their fast enough so didn't think to grab Kleenex or a burp rag.  By the time they were done looking at the house, Everett had spit up many times and I had snot running down my face.  Hope they didn't hold it against the house.... What a night.

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10/03/2012 12:28PM
April 2012
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