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April 2012

Thursday, 4/19/12

It is really nice to go on my walks now that spring is really here.  Today is Joe's birthday...24 years old!  I wanted to take him to the turtle amusement park, but it was really too cold to take him out. The other morning, I heard a lot of splashing and noise on the river and I thought it was probably the carp in spawning mode, but when I looked through the trees I saw it was a pair of loons.  I have never seen loons in the Yahara before! One can't mistake their beaks and feathers. They were so busy splashing, diving and chasing each other they never saw me.  Today the cranes were hollering at each other in their prehistoric calls.  When they fly overhead, their legs are like a tuning fork, they are so straight. They call to each other from the air and it echoes really far and loud!  There is a muskrat that makes its way back and forth across the river, always carrying some kind of twigs in its mouth.  I just assume it's in 'parent' mode and making someone a comfy spot.  In the alley way behind my building there was a very tiny baby wren.  It still had its molting feathers sticking out of its head and was not afraid of me at all. Not good!  I just kept walking behind it so it would at least get away from the road. Then I saw its parents looking at us from the roof and figured they could manage from there.  All in a day's walk...

Friday 4/6/12

I had NO intentions of cleaning out the refrigerator but for some reason, there was this brown liquid all over the bottom shelf.  It had somehow leaked between the glass and the plastic shelf.  What tha?  Well, I started by pulling it out and now have discovered the secret ingredient to Crazy Glue...soy sauce.  How it spilled is beyond my capacity to fathom.  Mind you, Joe is even more intrigued with the open fridge door than I am.  He was sitting right in front of the door, transfixed.  If I put him in his tank he'd go bonkers.  So I'd let him out and there he sauntered right back, under foot.  I couldn't move him, he was just so darn cute!  I think he thought he was helping me.  Even the splashing water and scary clonking noises didn't discourage him.  I think he really thought I was going to let him climb up in there.  Well, after a tiny bit of Comet, hot water, elbow grease, a good 45 minutes and trying to remember how to put the whole thing back together properly, I decided Joe learned enough to do it by himself next time.

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April 2012
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