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August 2012

Wednesday 8/29/12
You know by now that I am a huge animal lover but I also love babies!  I love playing with babies, watching babies, hearing baby stories and great baby photos.  How can you not love cute kids?  So when a dear friend of mine sent me this photo of her 1 year old trying her first tomato I couldn’t help but gush.  I admire her skills of capturing the perfect moment.  Hopefully her distain for tomatoes will fade once she gets older because they’re so good for you!  But for now, her hatred for tomatoes completely makes my day.  I hope it makes you smile too.  If you also hate tomatoes, here’s a website just for you.

Tuesday 8/21/12

Saturday I hosted girl’s night out by my fire pit in the backyard where we can just sit and talk and vent and share stories for a few hours while we watch the fire.  It was my job to get all the fixings to make S’Mores.  Chocolate bars…check!  Marshmallows….check!  Graham crackers…..hello???  Graham crackers?  Where, oh where, are the Graham crackers?  Three convenience store stops and NO ONE had any graham crackers.  Who sells out of Graham crackers?  My guests are coming in 10 minutes and I don’t have time to run to an actual grocery store now.  So we improvise.  Just melt the marshmallow and squish it between two large pieces of chocolate bar.  This way you get more chocolate AND it still tastes just as delicious.  No one cared about the missing food ingredient…in fact it made the night more fun.  Sometimes the missing ingredient in life is the company of good friends.  That makes any recipe taste better.  

Tuesday 8/14/12

Thank you again to all of you who have been asking how my wrist is doing.  It’s hard to believe that it has already been a month since my surgery.  I had my second follow up appointment today and the Dr. says he is surprised how well I can move my fingers and make a fist.  He did recommend some occupational therapy so that can get back the forward/backward motion in my wrist.  It will take some time and I’m sure a little bit of pain but worth it to get right back to where I was.  I have no complaints.  My wonderful neighbors came over with their lawn mowers last weekend to mow my lawn for me.  They didn’t even ring the bell to tell me they were going to do it.  They just did it!  That’s how great neighbors turn into good friends.  Such an act of kindness in helping me do things I still cannot has inspired me to pay it forward.  I hope it inspires you to do a random act of kindness for someone too.  It really can make someone’s day more than you know.         

Wednesday 8/8/12

I talk a lot about my dog Truman but I also have a cat so I thought I’d give her equal time.  Her name is Chili and she is a tortoise shell I adopted a little over two years ago.  Now, I have never been without a cat since I was three years old so I know cats BUT Chili is by far the sassiest cat I have ever had.  And I mean sassy with a capital S!  My vet calls it “Tortitude”.  He said tortoise shell cats truly are some of the most “challenging cats” he has worked with.  I had no idea.  Chili is my first tortie.  When she wants to do something I don’t want her to do say like, oh…I don’t know….scratch on the corner of the couch, for example, she will look straight at me while she does it as if to say, “Look at me…look….I’m scratching on the sofa.  What are you gonna do about it, huh?  I dare you to stop me!”   Grrrr.  I stopped her from doing that by putting double sided tape on the corners of my couch AND my dining room chairs AND my stereo speakers AND everything else she knows she’s not supposed to scratch on.  I am anti declaw so that’s not an option for me.  I provide her with plenty of scratching posts too.  She also has this sassy little meow whenever I make her come in from the porch.  Or she’ll flip over and make herself heavy so I can’t pick her up when she needs to come in.  I have a cat that acts like a 2 year old.  Honestly, I love her to death and she can be as sweet as pie.  She’s a great lap kitty while I’m reading or watching TV and loves to purr.  I like her sass.  It makes me laugh.  If only she could display  it just a little less.  
Wednesday 8/1/12

Tuesday morning I had my wrist surgery stitches removed and all in all my wrist is doing well.  Yes, it will take weeks and weeks for it to heal completely.  Right now I am so tired of talking about it and dealing withit that I decided to blog about an entirely different subject. Does anyone take their dog to McDonald’s to get an ice cream cone?  Yes, of course you do!  So do I!  In fact Truman goes everywhere in the car with me even if it’s to the Kwik Trip to get milk.  He loves riding in the car.  He doesn’t care where we go.  He stands with his hind feet on the back seat and his front paws on the console between the front seats and stares out the windshield as if he’s my co-pilot.  I know, I know….he really needs a safety belt.  Believe me, that’s my next item to purchase on my pet store run. But the mere mention of the words “ice cream cone” makes his eyes light up and his tail wag I can’t resist.  It’s a rare treat for him to get some ice cream but last night just felt like an ice cream run…so we did.  He loved it.  I loved it.  I saved a little for my cat Chili.  We all sort of split it….just sitting together on the porch on a summer night enjoying one of summer’s greatest treats.  Ice cream!!!  Life is good. 

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