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August 2012

Wednesday, 8/8/12

My daughter Lizzy has a new pal.  She recently got a little dog...and I mean little!  Derby is a Tea Cup Shih Tzu/ Miniature Pinscher mix, and is this little bugger cute!  She is no "Paris Hilton carry me in a purse" kind of puppy either. She is full of energy and ready for action.  She's about 20 weeks old right now and is pushing three pounds. Everybody's best guess is she will be about double that when she's fully grown.  I have been dog sitting while Lizzy is at work, and I gotta say, I'm smitten.  So is my beloved Standard Poodle Ziggy.  Ziggy is about 70 pounds...and is Derby's best pal.  He grabs her chew toys...and dangles them in front of little Derby, and she grabs on and doesn't let go. Ziggy is so careful.  He seems to understand how small Derby is compared to him, and how easy it would be for him to hurt her inadvertently.  Another reason to love that Zig.  It's a source of great entertainment watching the two of them play together. They carry on for hours, or at least till Derb needs a nap. Dogs...nothing like 'em!

Wednesday, 8/1/12

What the heck.  Now don't get me wrong, I love the Olympics as much as the next guy, the thrill of victory and all that. But what's with the competing networks. Are they are all suspending normal programming till after the games in London wrap up?  One of my fav shows is Hell's Kitchen.  It's great; I try to never miss it. Right after that it's Master Chef.  I tune in this week to catch the latest round of competition, and I soon realized I had already seen it. I ended up watching Gator Brothers or something. Very disappointing. I catch lots of the fantastic Olympic coverage, but there is only so much water polo I can handle.  I need network execs to stand up, don't be intimidated by the lure of the games.  Playing it safe is for the weak.


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10/03/2012 3:16PM
August 2012
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