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August 2012

Thursday, 8/9/12

Being able to be one of the hosts for this years Concert on the Square was really
quite wonderful. Jim Bartlett and I, as well as our guest winners, were very grateful that it had cooled off somewhat.  Fresh Madison Market outdid themselves with some fantastic salmon and those vegan Thai roll-ups were something to write home about. I think we will all go back for more of those! The crowd is usually pretty big being it was the last one for this year, but I've never seen it that large before. The orchestra was fabulous as always, but it was a special treat to witness young Elliot Yang make his debut! It was like he stuck that cello into the core of the earth and pulled out all the essence and energy of the planet.  He's just 18, imagine where he will go! Though Maestro Sewell told me he is always a little sad when the concerts are over for the summer, he was very happy to learn that not only did his orchestra respond beautifully to his baton, the cicadas also performed well, swelling up their songs on either side of the square in perfect time as well.  OK, COS are over until next year, but coming up next Wednesday for  'Jazz at Five' is more great music..the Lynette Maqulies/Jane Reynold Quartet and the Madison Jazz Orchestra will be performing.  Bring your lawn chair!

Friday, 8/3/12

Coming up August 17-19 is "Wild West Days" in Viroqua. Yes, I think southwest colors are amazing, cowboy boots and blue jeans just do something for a pair of legs, and the language is so much fun but it's the idea of time travel that excites me so much. I'll be there that weekend to take part in the gun fights, rodeo, Native American dancing & storytelling around a bonfire, and
belly-upping to the bar for a sasparilla and a buffalo burger.  I am still working on getting a proper costume to really fit in 'proper- like.' The weekend starts off on Friday evening with a big horse and coach parade (some 300 horses and a bison show up for this). The western town comes alive with real people playing real roles of western times.  I can hardly wait!  This is one of the buildings...

You can see for yourself what goes on at this site www.thewildwestdays.com.

This is the guest lobby of the B & B I am going to be staying at in Viroqua, sitting at this table probably listening to Magic Sunday Morning before I head back out to get a real stage coach ride!

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August 2012
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