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December 2012
Wednesday, 12/12/12

I here and now resolve to start eating much better.....after the holidays. Until then, I am committed to continuing my baking binge. I made this...way too decadent cheesecake. It's a espresso/Baileys cheesecake with a chocolate crumble crust. OMG!  If that wasn't enough, I soon plan to hearken back to my Nordic heritage, and bake an authentic Danish Layer Cake.  It's a multi-layered cake with custard and raspberry filling between the layers. My Gramma K used to make them. Unreal! But I pledge, come the first of the year, it's back to practicality. Lest I fall over the gastro-cliff.

Tuesday, 12/11/12

For the first time since I can remember.....Terri and I ended up getting out Christmas tree from an urban tree lot.....not from a field somewhere. Normally.....we get together with the kids, and go out to a tree the trudge around thing and cut one down. It usually took the better part of a couple of hours to finally come up with consensus on the tree, but we always got it done. Then we'd go to a nice spot and have a bite. Not this year. Everyone's schedule is a bit too hectic. Crummy. Oh well, there's always next year.

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