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Restaurant Week
Have you been out for Restaurant Week yet?  Terri and I met friends at Porta Bella Tuesday night. Should have taken into account the Badgers were playing Michigan State though. It took me less time to get from Cottage Grove to Gorham, as it did to get from Gorham to Frances. Geez! Cold as heck to boot. Luckily the ramp across the street wasn't full. That saved us from having to make a very cold trek to the restaurant. Food was good. The company was great.  Haven't seen our friends Greg and Lynn for the better part of six months. Sometimes their living on the West side.....and us on the East side really makes getting together infrequent. Unfortunate. They are good folks. Miss them. Don't know if another night out
is in the cards, or in our best interest. We're still working hard on shedding those extra pounds from the holidays. It sure went on easy!
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Madison Chilly Activity
Took the dogs out on a little urban hike the other day. Parked by the Ohio Tavern, and toom off down the bike trail that runs along the river to Tenny Park.  Dogs loved it, we loved it, even though it was admittedly a bit chilly.  You should have seen the skating rink at Tenny. It was packed with people. All ages just having a blast. Some people were doing the hockey thing, others were just skating around. We also saw a lot of skaters in training. That's always hilarious. It's great to see so many people opting for the great outdoors during the winter, instead of locking themselves in the house to hibernate. Madison is such a cool city!
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I trust you had a great holiday season.  We did a bit of "staycationing" and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The plan was to get a bunch of stuff done...and do a little relaxing. It worked out that we did a little of stuff that needed to get done, and a lot of relaxing. As it should be I say. Went to see Les Mis, starring Wolverine, aka Hugh Jackman.  It's not a movie for everyone, but if you've ever seen Les Mis on the stage, the movie is a cool change. Yes, had the obligatory tub-o-popcorn and half gallon diet soda.
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