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Ziggy the Dog
Everyone I know has the best dog ever.  But I have to say, my guy Ziggy is an awfully cool guy.  Oh yeah he's got his faults, but don't we all. We took "old Zig" camping with us over Memorial day, and he really rose to the occasion. We were able to get out and tear it up most of the
weekend, but as you probably remember, Monday was a rainy washout ... at least where we were.  Here is this 65 pound dog, long legs and all, just comfortable and well behaved as could be with five people jammed into the camper while we made and ate breakfast.  I feel lucky as heck.  I have to admit, I'm sick of all the rain and stuff, but it has been awesome for my garden. It's a jungle.  My tomatoes have been in forabout three weeks, and they are looking good. and all my seeds are coming nicely.  It looks like we'll be eating fresh salads very soon! Can't wait!
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WHEW!!!!  I'm finally seeing the light at the end of a LONG shoulder surgery tunnel.  It was about what they told me it would be.  Painful with an extended recovery period.  And they were right. They "they" I refer to are the rock solid health pros at the U.W.  Man, they know their stuff.  And they never once called me a big baby, although at times I fear I acted like one. It's not to say I'm through this. The normal recovery time for what I had done is about six months.  Meaning I'll have to put off trying to qualify for the PGA tour until next year.  No kayaking this summer either.  I was able to get my garden in single handedly.  And I mean that literally.  Actually I have to thank my two kids....BJ and Lizzy for all their help in the usual yard chores that come with spring. And without a big helping hand from my friend Steve, the garden thing would never have happened.  Sign me, rehabbing.
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