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Camping 'Up Nort'
Summer is fleeting and we're gonna try to get a bite before it's gone. We’re headed to a spot near my old stomping grounds in LaCrosse.  We have a spot on the river at Perrot State Park in Trempeleau County.  Kayaking, biking and loads of R&R!  My daughter Lizzy is makiing the trip this time, but my son B.J. and his cool girlfriend Paula are not going to make it. Darn.  Well, at least it means I'll have a built in chicken tender … so to speak. Beej says he'll feed the girls and water the plants while we’re away.  All we had to do was stock the fridge and he'll just stay at the house.  Hopefully it will still be standing when we return.  No, really.
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Bob Gets the Blues
Looking forward to our little trip coming up in August. Terri and I are piling in a van with a bunch of old friends and heading to Bayfront Blues Festival in Duluth.  A long weekend of sun and fun - and blues!  I think we'll cut out a day early and check out Bayfield.  Never been, heard it's awesome. Still nursing that shoulder following surgery, so kayaking the sea caves on Lake Superior may not be in the cards - this time.
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