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Downtontown at DLUX
Man … I never have had allergies before, but this summer I'm suffering. I have been sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose for what seems like weeks ever since I got back from Duluth. Am I wrong or is this a bad allergy season? Terri and I had a wonderful Saturday last weekend. We went to the Dane County Farmers' Market and loaded up on sweet corn that we later blanched and froze. The highlight though was brunch at DLUX. Cool spot. We were initially attracted by the botton-less Mimosa, but the brunch sandwiches were killer! Sat out on the sidewalk with two dogs and had a blast. Really nice people. I recommend it highly on your next trip downtown.
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Bring on the Barbeque!
Doing radio for decades has afforded many opportunities that I wouldn't have if I had stuck with steam fitting.  I mean how many people know what it's like to travel on the roads after a major winter storm before the snow plows have started their jobs, or what is on TV about 2:45 am? Yep, it's a perk filled business, radio. But I am really fired up about one of the things I get to do this fall in September. I have been asked to be a judge at the East Side Club's barbeque cook-off. Can't believe they asked me … but I'm not asking any questions. Anyone that knows me knows about my affinity for charred, grilled meats! I dig it big. I make it, I eat it, I live it. Now that I have my smoker that I found on Craig's list, I'm even more enamoured. So thanks you guys! It's a dream assignment for me.
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Camping 'Up Nort'
Summer is fleeting and we're gonna try to get a bite before it's gone. We’re headed to a spot near my old stomping grounds in LaCrosse.  We have a spot on the river at Perrot State Park in Trempeleau County.  Kayaking, biking and loads of R&R!  My daughter Lizzy is makiing the trip this time, but my son B.J. and his cool girlfriend Paula are not going to make it. Darn.  Well, at least it means I'll have a built in chicken tender … so to speak. Beej says he'll feed the girls and water the plants while we’re away.  All we had to do was stock the fridge and he'll just stay at the house.  Hopefully it will still be standing when we return.  No, really.
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