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Now how in the heck did that happen?  This weekend we're having a soiree at the casa.  We're celebrating the birthday of my only son B.J. - a great guy.  We love him to death.  He is turning ... ready ... 28 years old.  28!!!!!!!  Can't be.  It is.  I still remember changing his diapers, taking him to buy clothes for his first day at school, and counseling him on the mysterious ways of women.  I remember how he used to love when I made hot dogs, mac & cheese and peas.  We'd sing that little song we made up.  "Macaroni and cheese (pause) weenies and peas."  A big hit.  His tastes have evolved now, so we'll be serving smoked pork shoulder and margaritas.  But some things never change ... like my great relationship with my only son Beej.  Happy birthday bud.  Love you man!
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