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Fall Fun and Frivolity
No matter how many times I visit Door County, it's always awesome.  We went to our favorite campsite at Pennisula State Park in Fish Creek for a week and the weather gods were smiling.  We didn't have a lick of rain ... and the colors were unbelievable.  It was so nice, we were able to get out on the kayaks for a day and visit the caves just outside of Ephraim. We also took big advanatge of the bike trails through the park.  Very cool.  We ate at one of our fave restaraunts, Mission Grille in Sister Bay.  What a steak!  The memories from that trip should sustain me for a while as we head into winter ... I hope.
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Mister Do-It-Yourself
Anyone that knows me very well knows that I am committed, whenever possible, to doing home improvements myself.  It's just the old school way I was raised.  Well. I'm not sure that was the best course to take this time.  I decided a year ago to replace all the old doors in my 70's vintage house with new six panel doors.  No biggie, right?  Well, in the interest of saving money, I bought them unfinished thinking heck, it'll be easy enough to finish them.  It's not easy.  Fact is, I'm about to enter my third week of sanding, wiping, and applying extremely expensive stain.  The sanding has worn my finger nails down to the quick and, dare i say, my back aches from standing on the cement floor of my barn for hours and hours.  I keep finding stray stain on all parts of my body.  In some cases, I really can't figure out how it got there. I mean, behind my ear?  Really?  It wouldn't be so bad, but yesterday Terri (my wife) came out and looked at my handy work and said the doors looked great ... but could probably benefit from another coat of stain!  OMG!
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