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This Is a First
We are not having a real tree at my house for the first time in more than a quarter century.  My kids are, well, no longer kids.  They are grown adults with their own lives and schedule commitments.  So, getting everybody together to tromp out into the white abyss, in the freezing cold, to get a tree and chop it down wasn’t in the cards.
Instead of going the tree lot direction, we decided to put up our Suess tree that we got at Tannenbaum in Door County years ago … and call it a season.  As expected, regardless of the schedule realities that confronted us, the kids didn’t like it.  Can’t say I don’t, though. 
The house is still decorated in holiday splendor thanks to my wife “T”, and there will be no wrestling with a stubborn fir that doesn’t want to go into the tree stand.  Plus, there’s no watering to forget, fires to worry about and needles to clean up.  Besides, that tree smell in a can really does the trick!
The season is all about family and togetherness anyway, and we’ll have plenty of that in the coming weeks.  It also eliminates the conflict my dog Ziggy experiences every year when we bring in what would normally be a great outdoor “rest stop” for him.  Rest easy, Zig … rest easy.
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