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Hairy Situation
The old saying goes, "a man's got to know his limitations."  Well, I certainly know mine now when it comes to dog grooming.  I though, heck, I'm gonna try and save a little money, and give my poodle Ziggy a little haircut.  I broke out my best trimming scissors, and started in.  When I was done, I realized ... hey, I really don't know how to do this.  Poor Zig.  He ended up with his poof ball on the top of his head set way back. I mean he looked like a dog with a receeding hairline. It was clear even he thought it looked bad.  He just slunk off into his kennel and gave me that look. You know the one - after he's been punished for something.  Horrible. 

The next day I called our groomer at Pretty Paws and begged for an emergency grooming intervention.  Fiasco.  He looks great now ... sans the botched poof ball head thing.  I think I like him better with that short and tight ook anyway. 
So maybe my LAST attempt at dog grooming wasn't a complete flop. What am I saying?  Yes, it was.  

Great thing about Zig, he doesn't hold a grudge.  We're back to being besties again.
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