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Broken Ankle workout

So, living with a broken ankle has allowed me to rediscover that set of muscles in my left leg that I wasn’t using very much.  I’ve become very good at hopping and balancing on my left leg when I need to do something that my crutches get in the way of.  For example, in order for me to cook something for dinner I will take the food out of the cupboard or fridge and hop with it over to the microwave or stove.  Then I will sit in the chair I placed in front of the stove to cook and then I just sit and eat it at the stove.  It’s much easier than hopping with hot food over to the table.  Hopping and balancing on one leg is very good for the gluts.  My left thigh is getting used more than usual too.  In order for me to stand from sitting on the floor (Why am I sitting on the floor you ask.  Because I have to scoot backwards on my behind up the stairs to my house in order to get in.  I fell doing this using crutches so….yeah, not going to do that again)  I use my thigh muscles to pull myself up using just my leg.  This is something people do in a crazy, boot camp work out class.  Good thing this broken leg is allowing me to still get in a workout without paying a personal trainer.  And I find that swinging myself around on crutches all day is a great cardiovascular workout.  It’ll be interesting to see what my right leg looks like compared to my left leg in a couple of months.     

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03/22/2013 5:26PM
Broken Ankle workout
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