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Bullying...a teacher's responsibility?

As much as I'd like to write, 'happy Easter' and everyone be on their merry way, I just can't get this topic off my brain.  Last week a Representative from Sister Bay proposed a bill that would fine teachers $200 for not reporting bullying.  I want you to chew on that for a second....  Define bullying.  Is it a pinch from someone you don't want to pinch you?  Is it a group of mean girls saying horrible things to another girl who's not in their group. Is it a physical fight?  Of course all of those things are wrong...but are they bullying?  So my first beef with this is that it's not definitive.  My second issue is that teachers are already doing a million and a half things including...I don't know...educating our future generation!!  So to add this to their list is just mind-blowing.  And by even proposing this bill, Representative Bies is showing that he doesn't think teachers already have enough on their plates nor values what they already do.  My third issue is once again...we seem to want to hold teachers responsible for something parent's should be doing.  Let's raise our children right...hey there's a thought!  That way this bullying doesn't happen in the first place.  If this bill passes, and I doubt it will...but if it does the courts will be full of cases where people are holding teachers responsible and trying to make a dime off of them...the millionaires of our country...our teachers.

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03/29/2013 3:43PM
Bullying...a teacher's responsibility?
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