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There seems to be an epidemic in my community and it's something that has been bothering me for months. People are not picking up after their dogs. Not only are people not picking up after their dog on someone's lawn, but they are blatantly leaving it right in the middle of the sidewalk for others to step in. Believe me, I have.

And it's not just one part of town. I walk Truman ALL over and I'm seeing it in the million dollar homes neighborhoods as well. The weird thing is this seems to be a fairly new problem. I didn't notice dog poo on the sidewalks every other block five years ago. Now, it seems, it is everywhere I look. Unfortunately, I've only seen the offending evidence and not the offenders.

I understand if your bag fell out of your pocket or your dog had to go twice and you only had one bag, but GO BACK AND PICK IT UP. I just don't understand it. Have we all become that lazy? Is it a sense of entitlement that we've suddenly developed that we're too good to bend over and pick up after our pets? For shame.

I love my community and the pet owners who live in it but let's all collectively realize the beauty of our community and take pride in where we live. Put some extra bags in your pocket next time you go for a walk and do a little stretching exercise and bend over and pick it up. Let's turn this trend around!

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Here We Go Again

A couple of months ago I blogged about how my Christmas cactus bloomed at Halloween.  Well, to my delight I noticed that my Christmas cactus is all full of buds (even more than at Halloween) and is about to bloom again.  My guess is that it’ll be in full bloom by the next holiday which is St. Patrick’s Day. 

I did pose the question about strange Christmas cactus habits on the Magic Facebook page back in December.  Several of you said that your plant also blooms twice or sometimes three times a year.  Thanks for the advice.  At least I know its “normal” and I’m not doing anything wrong with it.  Seeing it bloom again is much better than watching it wither and wilt away.  Maybe by the time it blooms all this cold and snow will be gone?  Wishful thinking, I know.           

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I Can't Wait For Spring Because.....

I’ve been mapping out my brand new vegetable garden that I’ll be putting in my backyard.  I used to have one years ago but neglected it after a few years and let the grass grow back over the plot.  Now I am starting again from scratch and have already measured out how large it will be and what I’m going to plant and where. 

My plan is to have tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, scallions, green peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers.  I was originally going to make raised beds because they are nice and neat and easy to tend to but putting them together and filling them with dirt can be expensive and time consuming so I’m just going to till up my plot, put a little fence around it and put those seeds in the ground.  Spring better hurry up and get here because I can’t wait to get started!  

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