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Many moons ago,  I bought this fish.  He was in a group of other fish to be the natural part of Joe The Turtle's diet.  Well, he ate the other 5 and this fellow just kept escaping.  So, I have since made him (actually he made himself) a pet.  Last month, he was named Skippy.  He has been Horace, Gulpy, Tuna Man, Wonder Boy, Turk, Happy Pants, Charlie, Slurrpy, Fish Pants, Willie, Dumbo, Dirk, Dynofish, Dopey, Chicklet, Cookie, Pooky, Porkchop, Pandora, Pond Boy, Skipper, Piglet, Calvin, Harry, Corndog, Groovypuss, Hankman and this week, in honor of this face he made at me, Chuckles. He is certainly a clown fish!

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11/07/2013 2:49PM
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