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I do not think that anyone would wish to get deathly ill, but every single person I know who has been so has always said they were actually grateful it happened.  I've been that ill twice now (pneumonia with complications) and admit I find it to be true. When every breath was hard to find, couldn't sleep for four days in a row for coughing and terrible pain, all I wanted was just be well enough to take a walk under a canopy of trees, hear the birds sing and the wind blow through the leaves. Now I do that, with such pleasure, just about every day on Cooper's Causeway. 

Day before yesterday, it was so beautiful outside.  There was a baby bunny nibbling on some grass, too young to be afraid of me;  a young snapping turtle laying her eggs ... boy did she look tired!  Chipmunks and squirrels are certainly not exotic, but they are part of the magic, too. There is a red wing black bird couple that has taken up residency at the foot bridge that spans the Yahara River. They have their home in the box the city put up.  They are always there to say hello.  This little toad was so darling it even let me get this close to snap a photo.  I took a movie of  it hopping away.  There was a crane out in the water, but not close enough to get a shot of it.  I think my part is having witnessed a huge fish leap out of the green-gray water, gulp something not fast enough to fly away, and fall noisily back into the river.

06/25/2013 9:01AM
Cooper's Causeway
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