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I was looking at our DVR list last night, and even though the new TV season is in full swing, we've got practically nothing on it.  Ann and I are one of those couples who have abandoned network TV entirely for cable.  I can't remember the last show on the four major networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX) we watched regularly.  The Kiefer Sutherland series 24, maybe?  If I had to name the last network sitcom I watched, I'm not sure I could.  It might have been Seinfeld, which has been off the air since 1998.  The stuff we've watched in recent years has all been on cable channels--Breaking Bad and Mad Men on AMC, The Closer and Leverage on TNT, and the rather guilty pleasure Hot in Cleveland on TV Land.  We catch up on HBO shows via DVD--we made our second trip through the entire Sopranos series last year, and I'm thinking about whether it's time to watch all three seasons of  Deadwood for a third time.

I'm a big fan of Netflix streaming, too, although I'm sympathetic to the complaints of people who criticize the selection--if you're looking for recent, high-profile, big box-office movies, you probably won't find them, although the service is better with recent seasons of top TV show.  I have been watching the original Hawaii Five-O from the 70s for about a year--at my current pace, expect to finish the 12th and final season by the end of the year.

Maybe I'd feel worse about not watching the major networks if they weren't overkilling reality and/or competition shows.  Is there something new this fall that you like and you think I should try?  Send me an e-mail:  jim.bartlett@magic98.com  -- or tweet me:  @ja_bartlett.

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10/10/2013 2:32PM
Couch Potato Seeks Help
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