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December 2012

 Friday 12/28/12

The New Year holiday is always pretty low key at my house.  Stay in PJs and watch movies and football…put away the Christmas presents that have been sitting under the tree.  Maybe make a crock pot meal.  Looking forward to it.  Happy New Year to you and enjoy the day.

Tuesday 12/18/12

Last night I was in the grocery store picking up bread, milk, peppermint candy….all the usual stuff you need when a snowstorm hits before Christmas.  But more than paying attention to the items on my list, I seemed to be hyper sensitive to the people around me.  A mom picking out a cake mix with her daughter, a dad in the pet isle with his little girl looking at squeaky toys for their dog, a gentleman in his late 70s buying vanilla ice cream, the teenage boy with a case of acne bagging my groceries.  I wondered how each of them processed the events of December 14, 2012.  Did they hug their children or parents more than they normally would, did they say I love you to their children or parent or spouse, did they cry, are they scared?  I smiled at a little girl walking down the aisle.  She did a double take to smile back at me.  We didn’t exchange toothy grins.  Just a small smile with our eyes that was kind and genuine.  The type of smile that warms you on the inside and makes you believe again in the beauty of humanity.  Thank you, little girl, for reminding me of a wonderful gift we all possess.  God bless you all this Christmas.             

Wednesday 12/12/12

I say it every year.  Cats and Christmas trees do not mix.  And yet….every year I put up a Christmas tree thinking maybe this year will be different.  Maybe my cat, Chili won’t be attracted to the fact that a large item from nature is indoors for her to scratch and sniff.  Maybe she’ll remember those bird shaped ornaments are not REAL birds.  Maybe she won’t notice the shiny red and gold and blue and green ornaments.  Nah…she won’t want to swat at those THIS year.  Or eat the tinsel….or drink all the water out of the tree stand…..or dive under the tree skirt….or climb over all the presents and smash the bows….or entice Truman to chase her away from the tree which, of course, will eventually lead to the tree being knocked over.  No, no, no….none of that will happen THIS year.  My cat has an exaggerated sense of entitlement.  I know this.  She gets LIVID with me every time I chase her away from the tree.  It only makes her want to go back and wreak her havoc even more.  Christmas is about joy and love and peace on earth….except in my house….with a cat….and a live Christmas tree.     

Tuesday 12/4/12

Last Friday I caught the bug that seems to be going around here at the station and everywhere else.

It’s a 24 hours stomach bug but it is determined to make it the worst 24 hours of your week.  (I would say life but that’s a bit drastic)  I came down with it in the middle of the night Friday.  Poor Truman was just sitting on the bed staring at me to get up and take him for a walk.  I think he understood I was not well because he was very quiet and still.  Most mornings he jumps on the bed and sniffs my face to wake me up.  He still has to go out even if I’m sick.  I’m sure people driving by while I was walking Truman thought I was in dire need of an ambulance.  I can laugh about it now.  All I wanted to do on Friday was cry.  I fully admit I’m a wimp when it comes to the stomach flu.  I’d rather have a cold every day of the year than suffer one day with well….you know.  Here’s hoping you don’t get sick.  

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December 2012
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