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Here's my background:  I'm the mother of 12 children, one who lives in heaven now.  Six girls and six boys.  My farm is my sanctuary with horses, chickens, cows, veggie gardens, fruit orchard, flowers and a greenhouse to putter in.

Favorite thing to do with my kids: Pretty much anything riding, hiking, horseback riding, walks in the woods...

I wish I had more time to: Paint pictures.

Favorite season at the farm:  Spring!  Baby ducks!  Baby goats!  Gorgeous flowers!  Cherry trees in bloom!  Frogs croaking late into the night!

I'm scared of: Losing another child...

Regrets? That I didn't buy stock in Apple in 1980.

Magic listeners would be surprised to learn: I love beautiful tattoos. 

Guilty pleasure: Thrift store shopping and Peanut Buster Parfaits from the DQ.

I can't believe that:  I'm no longer a kid!

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Patti Messmer
Saturday at the 70s
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