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Dogpile on Uncle Jim

My wife and I have no children. (I can barely take care of a cat.) We do, however, have eight nephews, three nieces, and a slew of honorary grandchildren that officially belong to friends of ours. We love other people's kids, because at the end of the day, either they go home or we do.

Unlike my immediate family, which is all in southern Wisconsin, my wife's family is spread all over the country. Her brother and his family (three boys and a girl) are in Michigan; her sister and her family (also three boys and a girl) are in Virginia; her father lives in Massachusetts. Because of the distances involved and the fact that Ann's father and his wife don't travel much anymore, we are rarely able to be all together. In fact, it's been seven years since all of us were in the same place at the same time.

This weekend, however, we're all descending on my sister-in-law's house in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. (She'll be fine. She worked in the resort industry and for Hyatt Hotels for several years, so she knows what she's doing.) We don't have much planned for the weekend except to hang out under the same roof. Ann and I will get lots of prime aunt-n-uncle time, with eight kids ranging in age from 2 to 20. I expect I will once again get to demonstrate to the nephews that I have no skills whatsoever at xBox, and I expect that I will once again do whatever my nieces (age 12 and 2) want me to do because they know I will and all they have to do is ask.

If they don't wear me out completely, I'll be back on the radio on Tuesday the 4th.

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05/30/2013 2:37PM
Dogpile on Uncle Jim
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