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Dogsitting Derby

Because of my daughter Lizzy's schedule, Terri and I have become the designated dog sitters for her cuter than cute yorkie mix Derby.  We absolutely look forward to Friday morning. That's when Derby gets dropped off, not to be picked up till Sunday evening. Derby is not only our fav dog outside our poodle buddy Ziggy, but she's also Ziggy's best friend. Despite their size difference (Ziggy is 65 pounds, Derby tips the scale at about five and a half or six pounds) they are playmates.  It is really cool the way they get along with each other. We took the dogs to Picnic Point for a little stroll.  While we were there, we ran into this guy, who had two huge St. Bernards on the end of his leash.  Derby went nuts!  Barking and carrying on. These were huge animals. One was 165 pounds....and the one named Ichabod....was 175 pounds!  There was Derby....literally nose to toe with these big beautiful dogs. To my surprise, they were gentle giants, and thought Derby was a great curiosity.  Better that than a snack. Although she wouldn't even have been a good treat. Hilarious. Love my doggie friends.

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02/04/2013 11:45AM
Dogsitting Derby
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