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February 2012

Wednesday, 2/22/12

What a great set of numbers to write for a date!

So far, all is well house/animal sitting though it was a little spooky to hear the coyotes howling very early Sunday morning. What a way to wake up.  However, I just love having a big fire place and being able to cook on a gas stove!  I've given my charges new names as I have been here with them over a week. There is Her Majesty, the sweetest (and oldest) cat I have even been graced to know.  She eats like a horse and needs two litter boxes to 'capture her essence.' She gets her meals served, in bed, three times a day plus her medicine.  Then there is 'Bump'; Bumpy when he's being very cute and 'The Bump' when he's snatched a horse apple before I can stop him.  I can NEVER get used to dogs doing that!  Yish and he wants to kiss me after that???  Not in this lifetime!  Then there is Swishy, she is still eating my Valentine flowers. She does the cat tail thing in my face when I am eating breakfast, or at Bump when she wants him to chase her all over the place.  They chase each other around the whole house like cartoon characters. I'm determined to  to get that on film and maybe feature it on the Animal Planet Channel.  I do miss sitting with Joe and Cousteau, but they are both very lethargic this time of year and it was a good time for me to help out my friends. As for writing? Ha!
They have a super duper vacuum cleaner here which I am sure works great except I have NO idea how to make it go. I have my own little yellow and black mighty might and I use it twice a day...once around the house and next on me!

Friday, 2/10/12

Every once in a while, something just flies into your life and you are presented with a chance to do something you were wanting to do, but you could not see how it would happen.  Writing stories is such a desire of mine that I write every day, for hours. I never watch TV, I write.  I don't feel well if I don't write.  But writing stories, with well-developed characters, good plot, and the pizazz to keep a reader reading takes hours of private, alone, quiet time in a row.  My life is just filled with scaty-eight things going on so this is like, out of the question.  Now, however, I was asked by a dear old friend if I would be willing to come and stay at his house and take care of his pets while he flies off to Arizona.  Fireplace, quiet ski-lodge-kind-of-place, under trees!  I am still pinching myself to be sure I am not day dreaming.  I've already packed the manuscripts of a short story I started about two months ago and two outlines for non-fiction books I want put together.  I'll have to bring my own malted Ovaltine (I don't know anyone else who drinks it) and my Barry's Gold Irish Tea to do this right, but I feel like a little kid knowing there is a big present under the Christmas tree with my name on it.  I'll keep you posted...

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February 2012
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