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Flying Guest

My studio is very warm, so I often leave my front door open. The fragrance of all my flowers drifts upstairs, too.   I was just dead-heading all the white, double-blooming petunias - and a bird flew up the stairs.  I had my other door open, too, with the fan blowing the cool air in - so my little guest flew right into my studio.  There are two huge windows with plants on my trellis, so no doubt she thought she would fly out there.  For a few moments I felt like I was Beatrix Potter!   The bird landed on the paint brushes, the ceiling fan, my computer, the plants, the water glass, the window sill.  I'd almost think she was checking the place out.  I did notice that her beak was open and I realized she was terrified, not exploring, so I snapped this shot and opened the window.  She left in a hurry.  I looked closer on the zoom feature and figured out it was a female House Finch.  THAT explains it.  My studio is only an apartment!

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10/07/2013 11:50AM
Flying Guest
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