Wisconsin Dells Season Opener Cards

Magic 98 is handing out Wisconsin Dells Season Opener Cards with your chance to save money on Dells attractions, accomodations, campgrounds, shopping and restaurants. The first 500 people at each stop will receive a pair of tickets.  You may pick up your Season Opener Cards at the following locations:  

(Additional stops to be added soon!)
 __________ Dells Season Opener Cards FAQ __________
Can I pick up books for other family members that can’t make the appearance?
• No, to make sure that we get the 2015 Wisconsin Dells Season Opener cards out to the people who joined us at that event we must only give out two (2) cards per person (16 years and older).

Can I pick more of them up at the radio station?
• No, all of the 2015 Wisconsin Dells Season Opener cards will be distributed during appearances. You can find these appearances listed on the calendar section of our website, www.magic98.com.

Do babies need a 2015 Wisconsin Dells Season Opener Card?
• Not for all attractions, but to be safe we recommend having a card for children at or near the age of one and older.

How will the cards be given away?
• Those in line will get a number, 1-500.  If you receive a number you are guaranteed two cards. 

How do I get a number?
• The first 500 people at the event will get a number.  Magic 98 begins to give these numbers out between 15 and 30 minutes prior to the broadcast starting.  You need to be in line at the time the Magic 98 representative distributes the numbers.  You cannot take a number for someone, for example parking the car or in the bathroom. 

Are there different versions of the 2015 Wisconsin Dells Season Opener cards?
• Yes there are different versions. Unfortunately, the on-air talent, other Magic 98 representatives, and the host business owner do not know which card will be given away at the appearance.

Will I be guaranteed a card if I come to the appearance?
• It is always our main goal to have everyone get a card. Supplies are limited, so we suggest you get there 30 minutes prior to the start time of the remote to secure a place in line and heighten the chances of you getting a card. If you do not get a card that day, please go to Magic 98.com and look at the calendar section for your next opportunity to get a pair of the cards.

Can the people handing out the cards make special exceptions with the amount of cards they give out per person?
• No, the Magic 98 staff has been instructed by the Wisconsin Dells to only hand out two (2) books per person 16 years or older in attendance during the appearance.

Can I get back in line after I receive my card to get another one?
• No, The cards will be distributed two per person (16 years and older) per live broadcast.

Can I sell my extra cards?
• Absolutely not! Magic 98 and the Wisconsin Dells have entered a partnership that no cards will be sold or bartered. If this happens here, online, or in the Wisconsin Dells, we will lose the opportunity to have them distributed in our community.

Are there any restrictions?
• Yes, admission is subject to availability on a first come basis. See individual attractions on the card for details. Cards are valid from 5/22/2015 until 7/1/2015 and valid at the campgrounds from 5/25/2015 until 7/1/2015


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