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Bird watching
I think watching birds at a bird feeder is as relaxing as watching fish in a fish tank.  I have two of them in my yard so some mornings while I’m standing in my kitchen drinking my tea I stare out the window at them coming and going.  It’s kind of a nice way to start the day.  On Saturday I put out a fresh suet cake and a brand new bag of seed.  Yesterday I looked out the window and there must have been 30 birds all enjoying a feast.  I have Cardinals, Juncos, Nuthatches, Downy Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, Flickers and all kinds of Sparrows.  But when I saw another big bird swoop down from a nearby tree and land on the feeder to eat some suet I got all excited because it was a beautiful red headed woodpecker.  I grabbed my binoculars and just watched him eat for a while.  It totally made my day.  I hope he enjoyed his snack.
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Celebrating Christmas
What a holiday season this was for my family.  My parents, brother and sister in law were supposed to come to my house this year to celebrate.  But my brother hurt his back and couldn’t make the drive.  So, I ended up going to Michigan this past weekend to celebrate Christmas with my family.  It was my turn to go this year anyway.  When I got there my brother was still in pain with his back, my sister in law had one of the worst colds of her life and couldn’t stop coughing and my brother and I both ended up getting a case of food poisoning on Sunday after we opened the presents.  It certainly will be a Christmas to remember!  I’m already looking forward to next year.  My parents joked that maybe we should just start celebrating Christmas in July when people can’t slip and fall on the ice and cold germs aren’t floating around as much.  Not a bad idea, dad.  Not a bad idea.
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Taking Down the Tree
My big chore on Monday night was to tackle taking down the Christmas tree.  Usually it makes me a little sad to see it go.  Not this year.  It was a beautiful tree that kept its fragrance but lost its needles like it was a shedding dog.  I couldn’t stand the two inch pile of needles accumulating faster than snow in a Wisconsin blizzard so out to the curb it went.  This year’s tree had all red lights and only red and gold ornaments.  I collect vintage ornaments from the 30s, 40s and 50s so I have lots of red and gold.  I have a second tree set up in the family room with all the pink and aqua and puce and silver colors from the 1950s.  It too needs to come down but after Monday night’s fiasco with tree number one I haven’t had the will power to tackle tree number two.

It all started with the breaking of an ornament.  The cat.  She thought she was helping me take the ornaments off the tree by “knocking” them off for me.  Yeah….no.  That’s not helping mommy.  So, I had to stop and sweep that all up before anyone stepped on those shards of glass.  Then there’s always the fun of taking off the strands of lights and having them get tangled.  By this point I now have a three inch pile of needles under the tree.  Then I move the furniture out of the way so I can take it out the front door.  Then I unscrew the tree stand just right so the tree doesn’t actually fall over while I’m unscrewing it….which it did….spilling water onto the now four inch pile of needles.  Oh…and the front steps haven’t been salted and I see there is a nice thick layer of ice.  But I thought if I’m going slowly I won’t slip.  I did.  I was pulling the tree out the front door and yeah….it only managed to make me mad so by the time I got it to the curb I think I flung it.  I’m glad it was dark so the neighbors couldn’t see.   Now back inside the sweep up all the needles.  I think I will still be finding them in cracks and corners all the way til next Christmas where I will gladly put up a fresh new Christmas tree and will have forgotten about all the hassle it caused me this year.  Good thing I have this blog as a reminder.   
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