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I had a blast at Mounds Dogfest at Angell Park in Sun Prairie this past Sunday.  Since I am a dog lover I was giddy over getting to meet all the cute pups from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.  I was the MC in the contest ring this year.  The Elvis look-a-like contest was great.  A Doberman wearing a white jump suit with a red scarf won but she had some pretty tough competition.  The "commands" contest was fun too.  I read a series of commands like sit, down, shake, roll over, speak, high 5, etc....and dogs were eliminated if they were not able to complete a command.  One of the top 10 smartest breeds, a Papillon won that competition.  If Truman was with me he would have given Dash a run for his money.  My favorite contest of the day was the doggie/owner look alike.  A little red haired girl with pig tails and bright pink ribbons and outfit won with her Vizsla.  A Vizsla is red in color so her dog had bright pink ribbons tied around her ears and a bright pink skirt to match the little girls outfit.  It was incredibly adorable and when her mom came up to collect her prize she started crying saying that their beloved family pet was just diagnosed with cancer and this will probably be her last hurrah.  That had everyone in tears.  She took lots of pictures to remember their special day at Dogfest.  A big thank you to Mounds Pet Food Warehouse for putting on such a wonderful event for dog lovers.             
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You keep asking for them.....
So.....I'll keep giving you progress updates on my ankle.  I had the stiches removed this morning from the hardware removal I had two weeks ago.  They also took X-rays and it all looks how it should be looking.  My main goal now is to make sure I keep doing all my PT exercises to get everything stretched and loosened up so I can eventually walk without limping.  

It is a mental game to make my right leg move in front of my left leg.  It still feels a little awkward but not as much.  I basically have to walk like I'm doing a sobriety test.  Not that I've ever had to walk a sobriety test but that's how the PT described it.  Heel to toe, heel to toe.  That way my leg and foot do the walking and not my hip.  I can walk up stairs just fine.  Still have a little trouble walking down stairs.  It's interesting to me to see what hurts and what doesn't.  It helps me know what stretches I still need to work on.  My PT would be proud of my observations, I long as I continue to do something about it.   Which, I am.  I actually tried to jog in place yesterday.  Yeah...can't do that yet but that's my goal by the end of the month.   
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