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I played golf!
It’s been about two years since I’ve played golf.  I’ve never been a great golfer but I was getting to the point where I was becoming a pretty “ok” golfer.  There were times when I could walk off a course and feel like I played a good game for my skill level.  I like playing golf because it’s a mental challenge and you get to be out in nature where it’s quiet and peaceful.  It’s a great game.  Anyway, after not having played for two years I decided it might be good for my ankle to get in those twists and turns you need for your follow through so I played the executive course at Pleasant View on Sunday.  What a beautiful day to be out enjoying it all and what a great surprise to me that my golf game was not completely unfortunate.  I had one excellent tee shot, more than a few sweet chips and one of two well played putts.  It was a plus that my ankle felt great and probably appreciated the extra workout.  I think I may just make this a weekend tradition through the rest of the season.  I really missed my clubs!     
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Weather Geek
When I was young and exploring career paths one thing I considered becoming was a meteorologist.  Obviously that did not happen, but I still remain a weather geek and I always love a good thunderstorm.  Last night when the storm was rolling in I sat out on my porch and just watched the lightning for a while.  It was beautiful and fascinating and soothing in a way.  I was in awe of last night's light show.  I found a great link for your kids about lightning if they are showing promising signs of becoming a meteorologist.  Weather science is cool!        
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My turn to mow the lawn
My very nice neighbors who took care of Truman while I was laid up with my broken ankle have also been taking care of my lawn for me while I am still recovering.  Mowing the lawn has never been one of my favorite chores.  I have a push mower and it usually takes me an hour and a half to two hours to complete the whole thing.  But I decided that I would tackle it myself since I can walk and can use the exercise.  No problem!  I actually enjoyed mowing the lawn.  It never will be one of my favorite things to do but at least I can do it! 
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I tried running
A couple of weeks ago I tried running with my newly healed ankle.  It wasn't necessarily because I felt like running but rather a storm was moving in while I was walking Truman and I wanted to get home to get out of the lightning.  I could actually do it and felt pretty proud of myself.  Seemed like my form was relatively good, I was enjoying the fact that I actually could run and my lungs gave out before my ankle did. 

That night my ankle swelled up like a grapefruit.  The weird thing was it did not hurt.  It just was swollen.  In fact my whole leg started to swell and it stayed that way for days.  So....that pretty much told me I'm not quite ready for prime time running.  

I saw my surgeon for the last time today and told me I should be running IF I want to be running and that it's going to swell.  It just should not be swollen for days.  He told me to push myself and my body will let me know what is too much. I go.  If you see a jogger with terrible form and it looks like she's limping it's probably me.  Just yell out the window that my form looks bad so I know to stop.  Thanks for your help! 
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4th of July Memory
When I was a kid back in the 70s we played with Jarts and Click-Clacks and other stuff that is now considered dangerous and are no longer manufactured.  My parents still have all those toys in a box at their house and whenever I go home we pull them out and play with them just like we did 40 years ago.  No one ever got hurt by these things at my house.  We all had fun with them as a family.  

I think the fireworks were different then too.  And I have a story that I only just told my parents about a couple of years ago.  It was the summer of 1978 (I think) and I was home alone for a couple of hours while my parents and brother went somewhere (don't remember those details).
It was a very hot, dry summer and the lawn in the backyard was scorched brown.  I decided to entertain myself by grabbing a package of sparklers and sticking them into the ground in a pretty shape to light them all at once to make a little sparkler display.  These were the fancy kind of sparklers that changed color as they burned down and they were all wrapped in colored tissue paper.  My display is set up and I have my matches ready.  I strike my match and start lighting the sparklers at the top where the tissue paper is all twisted up to make a wick.  As the tissue paper starts to burn down it also starts to fall off the top of the sparkler....still on fire, of course.  Well, as the burning tissue paper falls to the scorched brown grass you can only imagine what happens next.  Yep.  The scorched brown grass starts on FIRE.  And it starts spreading fast!  If I had shoes on I would have stamped on the fire to put it out.  But what kid wears shoes in the summer if they don't have to.  I STILL don't wear shoes outside in the summer.  It was a good thing the garden hose was hooked up and close by.  I quickly ran to turn it on and put out the grass fire.  Not before a large portion of it was burned.  What a huge catastrophe it would have been had I not been able to put out that fire.  I shudder to think about it.  

I remember standing there shaking and I went back into the house to wait for my parents to come home.  I did not tell them what happened.  I was waiting for them to ask what happened to the lawn.  I would have told them the truth had they asked and taken my punishment....but they never, ever said anything about the lawn.  Maybe it didn't look as bad as I thought since it was all scorched anyway.  Whatever the reason, my parents did not find out about the lawn fire until years later.  Their eyes got big when I told them the story.  I think my father was a little angry at the thought of what might have happened but he hid it well and we can all laugh about it now. 

I don't know if they still make those fancy sparklers wrapped in tissue paper like they did in the 70s but if they do let this story be a lesson.  Do NOT leave your kids home alone with fireworks in the house.  Do NOT stick sparklers in the ground to light them.  Do NOT let your kids play with sparklers without shoes on.  Do NOT let your kids play with sparklers without your supervision...even if they are 12 years old.  DO have a safe and happy 4th of July holiday and enjoy whatever fireworks you chose to shoot off as a family.  Light a sparkler for me.  :)      
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