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Looking To Get a Family Dog?
If your kids are at that age where they are asking to get a dog it's a good idea to do a little research before bringing home a new family member.  One place to gets hands on research with over 150 dog breeds is the Wisconsin Dog Fair coming up November 3rd at the Alliant Energy Center.  This is where you can sit and pet the dogs and ask their owners all kinds of questions from temperament to shedding to exercise requirements.  

Truman and I have been participating in this event for four years now and we will be there again representing the Australian Cattle Dog breed.  You can stop by and meet Truman and chat for a while.  We'd love to meet you and tell you all about how SMART this breed is.  And how stubborn and challenging they can be.  :)  You'll get honest information from owners who love their Chihuahuas and Great Danes to everything in between.

You'll also get to witness all kinds of demonstrations from agility to fly ball to K-9 unit training.  Plus, you'll find plenty of information on rescue organizations, dog training and tons more.  It's a fun event to bring your kids to.  Even if you already own a dog it's a wonderful place to shop the vendors and see all the different breeds.  To find out more about the Wisconsin Dog Fair click here.      
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Wear A Ribbon
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Over the next 31 days you may see countless numbers of people wearing pink ribbons or pink clothing to help bring awareness to this disease and to promote the search for a cure.  I will be one of those people.  

My mother is a breast cancer survivor and has been cancer free for 11 years and counting and I am thankful everyday for her fight and victory over breast cancer.  But once again I feel the sting of this disease as my very dearest childhood friend was diagnosed in March.  I went to visit her in August just before her second round of chemo.  Her hair had already fallen out.  She had lost weight.  She was tired most of our visit.  She is a single mom with three kids and she is amazing!  Not only does she look beautiful without her hair but she seems to have even more beauty than every before coming from within.  To me, she is a pillar of strength that grows taller with each round of chemo she goes through.  Cancer has completely changed her life as she is now fighting to save it for her children and for herself.  She credits God's graciousness for helping her through and giving her strength to get up every morning to get the kids ready for school and to make it to their soccer and vollyball games.  I am in awe of my dear friend, Cheryl.  She is an inspiration to everyone around her.  Take that, Cancer!

If you have someone in your life who is going through their own fight against breast cancer please make sure you take a moment to tell them you love them and how inspirational they are to you!  Every woman who has gone through, is going through or will go through breast cancer is a special gift.  Let's pay tribute to their lives this month of October by hugging them, sending them flowers or a card or treating them to an ice cream cone.  And don't forget to wear your pink ribbon. 

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