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I wasn't yet born the day President Kennedy was shot.  Perhaps this is why my fascination about his assassination is so strong.  I cannot get enough information about who JFK was, who his family was that helped shape the person he became, who hated him, who loved him, who killed him.  Of course, I learned much about JFK in school but I applaud PBS and the American Experience for delving deep into his life as a child, showing many photos and films of him growing up.  The interviews and the stories told from people who knew him best are so interesting and have given me a greater insight into the state of our country on the day I was born.  History is a wonderful, sometimes touching and emotional subject.  I'm glad I love it so much.  It makes me grow.        
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Ankle Update
A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip to Door County to do some hiking with Truman.  I just love all the State Parks up there.  We went to White Fish Dunes where they have a dog beach.  We went to Peninsula which has a ton of trails and we also hiked a lot on a nature preserve which was very close to where we staying.  This particular nature preserve had a really steep, rocky climb and I stood there looking at it for a minute wondering if it was smart for me to try and tackle it.  I had my sturdy hiking boots on, so I decided to go for it.  It was quite a climb and I was pretty happy when we made it to the top.  The trail I took was a loop, so eventually I had to climb down that same rocky terrain.  I discovered that my ankle really didn't want to work as well on the way down as it did on the way up.  It was pretty difficult to get that downwards motion working.  Pretty scary when you have a dog who could pull and not a single soul around to help if I happen to fall and break something else.  The hike up the rocks took about 7 minutes, so you can imagine how long it would have taken me to get down.  I did the only thing that made sense.  I sat down and scooted down all the rocks.  Truman was great and walked slowly down with me.  All is well that ends well, but it was a good lesson for me.  I still need to work on strengthening my ankle and I need to be sure I can do something before I attempt it full force.           
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