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Ready for Winter's Wrath
It hasn’t been a year since I twisted my ankle on the ice and broke it so you can imagine how cautious I am while walking Truman on icy sidewalks this winter.  I’m sure I look like a geriatric penguin.  I guess I should say “looked” like a geriatric penguin until some friends of mine gave me a gift of Yaktrax for Christmas.  Yaktrax are devises you slip over your shoes or boots that grip and dig into the snow and ice to prevent you from slipping.  They work great.  What a thoughtful gift for someone who is always outside walking no matter what the weather.  Now, if Truman would only learn to wear doggie boots the two of us would make an invincible pair.     
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It Happens Every Year
Every year I always say I am going to get all my Christmas shopping done and my Christmas cards sent out by the first weekend of December.  And every year this goal never happens.  But hey, I still have time.  If only I had two full days dedicated solely to getting my Christmas shopping done and my Christmas cards addressed and sent.  I guess that's what the weekend is for.  I know I am not alone in trying to get everything done during an extremely busy holiday season.  We're all in this together so let's remember the spirit of the season and try not to stress about what needs to get done before December 25th.  Take your time shopping and baking and wrapping and decorating and writing out your cards and enjoy the magical feeling of Christmas.  I have just made this my new goal!    
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