Ginger Martin

I grew up in: I like to say I grew up along the shores of St. Joseph, Michigan.  It's known as the Sunset Coast and it truly has some of the most spectacular sunsets in America.  As a teenager you could find me at Silver Beach every single summer day and night getting bronze and watching the lights of Chicago from across the lake.

First radio job:  WHFB Benton Harbor, Michigan, in 1988.  I changed the reel-to-reels for the FM beautiful music station while babysitting the AM satellite country station.  I thought it was the best job ever! 

Thing I fear most:  Spiders.  I have a highly irrational fear of them.  HIGHLY.  IRRATIONAL.  FEAR.

Thing I love the most:  My dog.  He is my world.  Little did I know when I rescued him two years ago that HE would eventually be the one who rescued ME.  I've actually learned how to be a calmer, more understanding person because of Truman.  It's amazing how many wonderful people I have met and how many new opportunities Truman has allowed me to experience simply because he is a part of my life.  We are actively involved in pet rescue and other organizations and events that have to do with animal welfare and the importance of having a pet as part of your family.

Favorite food:  Cheese.  Any and all types of it.  It's a good thing I live in Wisconsin!

Hobbies:  Bird watching (I've started a life list), hiking, gardening, camping, floating on a lake.  Just love being in nature. 

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Ginger Martin
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