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Day Trippin' is So Sweet

I really enjoy taking short day trips to see the rest of the state of Wisconsin. In particular, I find Viroqua extra fun because I get the best honey in the state from Jim Krause who keeps his hives there. Nothing even comes close to his bees.

There is a great second hand shop, too. It's called "Second Time Around" and never lets me down. But … the first "must do" stop is to get some coffee and a cream cheese flip at The Cakery & Bake Shop. It's a glazed pastry pocket stuffed with sweetened cream cheese. I don't know anywhere in Madison where they carry them, but Dan & Sue Thom who run the bakery always have them. The pumpkin bars are better than anywhere else as well!
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The Power of Peace and Quiet

I discovered the most amazing thing a few weeks ago - a library that actually had a section where you have to be quiet. In all my years growing up, the library was the place where silence was truly golden. These days children have no concept (except maybe church?) where quiet is the rule. Mind you, I love the way libraries have morphed into 'learning emporiums', but I confess I miss the reverence of public silence. TV sets on everywhere give me a headache!

Fortunately for the Middleton Public Library, they are large enough to house the wonderful dynamics of a learning center upstairs - and downstairs, the quiet space to do undisturbed reading and research. They also have a generous sized meeting room where all kinds of workshops are offered for free. Love the place!
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