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Here Birthday Candle ... where are you?

Okay so Monday was my mom's birthday.  Everett and I made pumpkin spice muffins for her with sprinkles (Everett's idea).  Since she watches Everett every day, we were ready for her to walk in the door that morning.  We had a muffin on a dish with a neon pink birthday candle lit and ready for her to blow out.  We sang happy birthday like the overly excited, tone-deaf family that we are and then my mom blew out the candle.  We clapped (Everett longer than the rest of us) and then walked into the living room.  A few minutes later we were back in the kitchen and the muffin - candle and all - was gone.  Both dogs looked extremely guilty.  We all laughed thinking about the fact that we'd know sooner or later who the culprit was.  Well, here we are Friday ... and nothing.  I've oddly looked forward to cleaning up dog poo in the backyard with hopes of being able to determine the true muffin thief.  But every day I've been disappointed and now I wonder ... did it melt?  Should I not be on the lookout for a bright pink birthday candle but rather a lonely wick?  The only conclusion I HAVE been able to come to is that my house is a circus ... and I like it.

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07/19/2013 1:56PM
Here Birthday Candle...where are you?
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