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HER Marathon for Gilda’s Club Madison

In today's world, if you have NOT been touched by cancer, you're in the minority. There are so many awesome places that are doing everything they can to find a cure, care for those fighting, comfort the family, support friends, and cultivate a recovery that that someday puts cancer in the rear-view mirror.

I'm sure you've heard the name Heather McManamy. She's the McFarland mother with an amazing story about writing letters to her daughter, Brie, once Heather realized her cancer was terminal. You saw her on national news, her book is now published, and on Facebook her ''Every Day Matters' motto pops up often in your feed. She's an awesome reminder about the precious time you get here with those you love the most. One of the people who loved her very much is my dear friend, Krista. They connected instantly many years ago and became fast friends. It's because of Heather that Krista is reaching far out of her comfort zone to run her first half marathon for Gilda's Club of Madison. There are so many reasons to support Krista, her effort, and her kick-butt friend, Heather. You can by clicking here.
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Craigslist: Who Knew?

I did something I've never done before. I bought something on Craigslist. I had been looking for a big plastic playhouse for my kids for a while, but was dumbfounded at the prices of these things new: everywhere from $200 to $2,000!!! Excuse me?! I hoped I could find one at the big, local consignment sales, but no luck. I started looking on eBay and Amazon, but none of them were fitting the bill. And then I stumbed upon Craigslist. I didn't really know how to search for something like it, but one morning, I FOUND IT! A step-2 little house that actually looks like a little hobbit house. A rounded door, a fireplace and even a little bookcase and cuckoo clock, and don't even get me started on the doorbell and mail slot. TOO stinkin' cute! They were asking $100 for it. I offered $80 and they said sure!

Did I mention this sweet house with the rounded door, fireplace, bookcase and cuckoo clock was in Mequon? Yeah, so there was that. But my husband thought it was going to be worth it. On a cold, rainy Saturday, he set off with the minivan and the drill. He took it all apart, brought it back to our house, scrubbed it down, and put it all back together. The boys love it. LOVE IT! So now that garage-sale season is here, I can get my heart set on something else!

I want to add that the family we bought this from was awesome! I'm sure there were many memories in that clubhouse, and so I'm excited that we are able to give it a good home. This Craigslist story did not end up with a mugging, and no one got hurt. Just wanted you to know that good things still happen. Great things, in fact.

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