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I Chopped It Off

I finally did it...chopped off my hair.  I've never had a problem with doing different things with my's gonna grow back, and there's always a hat.  But I've never gone this short before.  The only reason it gets as long as it does it pure laziness.  And once my hair starts being long enough for a pony's all downhill from there.  Because that's what I do every single day...a pony tail.  Now it's really short with long bangs that sweep my forehead and I love it.  I washed my hair for the first time today and it was really weird not having much of anything to wash, but at the same time it was awesome.  I don't constantly have a hair tie on my wrist and Everett can't pull on it like a crazy man now.  My only concern is that when I got home, my super cute neighbor Lindsey was outside and I think I just succeeded in unknowingly getting her exact same haircut.  I've got to stop over and assure her that I'm not a stalker.

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06/20/2013 12:40PM
I Chopped It Off
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