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Summer Is a Berry Good Time of Year!

I adore this time of year - late June until about mid-July - because the black raspberry plants on my property start producing profusely!  Not only are these berries delicious, but there's something therapeutic about spending time picking them nearly every morning.  I seem to enjoy being a contortionist, trying to r-e-a-c-h to pick that ONE. BEAUTIFUL. BERRY, even though my container is already in danger of brimming over.  And speaking of a full container, more than once I've been swatting pesky mosquitoes away from my face, only to drop the bowl and watch the berries scatter everywhere.  A few choice words usually cross my lips when that happens. 

I've also noticed that some people use the words "blackberry" and "black raspberry" interchangeably - including me until a few years ago - so here's some quick info on the difference between the two:
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